Our Dump Trailers Will Make You Fall in Love

If you regularly perform medium to large hauling jobs, you will likely LOVE owning your own dump trailer in Spokane WA. They are so versatile and make life  much easier for all of your projects.

Whether you are hauling dirt, debris, or equipment from your personal property or to a job site, you will probably find yourself working more efficiently.

As we leave summer far behind, your trusted professionals at Trailer Boss would like for you to FALL in love (pun intended) with one of our awesome dump trailers.

576Here is our amazing Maxey D8 dump trailer, it features:

  • 14’/14K standard Maxey dump.
  • 12″ O/C floor cross members
  • 24″ high walls
  • Scissor lift
  • 83″ wide bed
  • Load ramps
  • Barn doors + spreader gate
  • Spare mount
  • Side step
  • 10K front spring-loaded jack
  • Battery charger
  • Power up/power down
  • Stake pockets & D-rings.
  • Comes standard with a tarp kit.
  • Also has double 6″ channel frame and full LED lighting!

564 (1)If that dump trailer isn’t perfect for your needs, here is another one by Maxey (D8-36)

  • 83″x12’/14K dump
  • Custom 36″ walls
  • Tarp kit with front guard
  • Upgraded 14-ply tires!

These trailers are just two of the options we offer at Trailer Boss!  Come see for yourself if you are in the market to make life a bit easier, our dump trailers in Spokane WA simply can’t be beat!

Contact us today if you have any questions about our inventory or financing.

Your Tear Drop Trailer Can Be Your Home Away From Home

When people think of a tear drop trailer in Olympia WA, they usually think of all of the fun outdoor activites they can use them for during the warm summer months.  At Trailer Boss, we want to change that!

We want to remind you of an especially important use for a teardrop trailer!  Instead of camping in the cold fall weather while you venture out hunting, consider bringing one of these nifty “home away from home’s” along with you!

In one of our tear drop trailers, you can have all of the comforts of home, meaning you can spend your entire weekend reaching all of your hunting goals!  You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars each night in a hotel or cabin, or feeze your tail off in a tent and head home with it in between your legs!

Even if you aren’t a hunter, you can still find a great use for a teardrop trailer!  Fall usually comes to the PacificNorthwest and brings about the wonderful change in the colors, leaving a beautiful pallet for your next adventure! You can embrace the season in style in your own cozy space!

Click here to see all of our teardrop trailers, feel free to contact us with any questions!


Protect Your Haul with the Perfect Trailer

Summer has been gone for a while and we are guessing that  you have probably felt it as you head out in the chilly morning air!

trailer in Marysville WAIt’s getting colder outside and the morning fog is increasing.  Before we know it there will be leaves and water on the road.  This standing water can lead to a slick commute!

Here in the Pacific Norwest,  it is only a matter of time before we start seeing more jackets and less sandals!

Just like your jacket protects you from being cold, your trailer in Marysville WA protects your belongings!  For this reason, it is important to invest in a trailer that is as tough as you are!

Whatever you need. . . a tilt trailer. . .
. . . a tilt trailer. . .or…..

Whether you need a tilt trailer to help you unload equipment without hauling out a bunch of bulky ramps….




. . . a dump trailer . . .
. . . a dump trailer . . .or….
cargo pace
. . . a cargo trailer.

A dump trailer for  will streamlining the unloading process while providing a heavy duty platform for your biggest hauling jobs….



a cargo trailer to protect your belongings from the moiture and cold of the season…

Trailer Boss has the perfect trailer in Marysville WA for all of your unique needs!

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Avoid a Pushy Sales Experience and Come to Trailer Boss

trailer Seattle WAIf you are like many other people, you avoid buying a trailer in Seattle WA because you want to avoid the hassle of a pushy salesman.

I mean, who wants to be forced into a purchase that they don’t want? Sometimes these sales associates even try to get you to buy something that is outside of your needs and budget, which leads to buyers remorse!

At Trailer Boss, we don’t like to see this happen! This is why we dedicate our business to making sure that every customer leaves as happy as possible, whether they buy a trailer from us or not!

When you walk into any of our three locations, you will find friendly and compassionate salesman who will take the time to get to know you, your needs, and your lifestyle before suggesting a trailer! We understand that you are not coming into our place of business to feel pushed or forced, so instead we take the time to educate you about the trailers that will work for your unique situation!

We steer clear of a high-pressure sales environment because we believe in our product and our people. We are passionate about offering high-quality trailers in Seattle WA at stellar prices.

So the next time you are looking for a great new trailer, skip the pressure, and head into Trailer Boss!

Click here to contact us today, and we can work together to make sure you are as happy as can be with your new trailer!

The Many Uses of a Cargo Trailer

With winter coming, many of you out there will be using your cargo trailer in the snow! Not only will it help you get from point “a” to point “b,” it will keep your toys safe while doing so!

To help get ready for the cooler weather, here are four great uses for your cargo trailer in Spokane WA:

  1. Hauling your snowmobiles out to the trails: Even though it is summer, you might already be thinking about the snowmobiling season! This is a big part of winter fun for many people, but getting it from home to the perfect place is sometimes a challenge. This is especially true if the weather is a bit questionable. Regardless of where you will be hitting the trails, an enclosed trailer an make a big difference.
  2. Hauling your ATVs: An enclosed cargo trailer comes to the rescue again for your spring and summer recreational vehicles. It can make your life easier by keeping your four-wheeled buddy ready to go anytime, instead of having to haul it in and out of the garage every single time.
  3. Hauling your motorcycle: Whether you are moving or bringing it in for repairs, it is a good idea to have a way to haul your motorcycle. We know that your bike is meat to be ridden, but there is also a time when you want to keep it safe from the elements. A covered motorcycle trailer not only protects your bike, it can be customized with tool racks, cabinets, and spots for all your equipment.
  4. Hauling your tools and equipment:If you are like many of our customers, you use your cargo trailer for work! The great thing about cargo trailers, is that they can be used as enclosed utility trailers! The sky is the limit for what you can haul, and you can do it when the weather is crummy!

To find the perfect trailer in Spokane WA for whatever job you need to do, come into Trailer Boss today! Click here to contact us!

Let us Prepare Your Snowmobile Trailer for Winter

Snowmobile Trailer Spokane WA

It is important to make sure that your snowmobile trailer in Spokane WA is ready for winter!

At Trailer Boss, our repair services and quality trailer products can help you be prepared to hit the slopes and take part in all of your recreational activities once the weather cools off.

When you bring a trailer in to one of our three locations, we make sure to thoroughly inspect and assess your snowmobile trailer for safety and performance

Here are a few fundamentals that we consider as we determine your readiness for winter:

  • The tires
  • The wheels
  • The brakes
  • The lights

Our experienced trailer repair technicians have the knowledge, expertise, and necessary equipment for identifying possible problems that could hold up your winter fun! Once we know that your trailer is safe for the road, we will give you the green light to get out there!

Give yourself the peace of mind that you can take your toys just about anywhere! Contact Trailer Boss today so we can help get you snowmobile trailer in Spokane WA ready early!

What to Consider When Buying a New Tow Vehicle – Part 2

tow vehicle for Trailer Spokane WA

This week we are discussing some of the important factors that go into making the all important “towing vehicle” purchase!

Choosing your trailer in Spokane WA first is one of the most important tips we can offer, because it will help you know determine what qualities your tow vehicle needs to have to safely haul!

Once, you know the trailer you will be hauling, then you want to find out the weight of the trailer will be when it is fully loaded.  Once  you know what the weight of the trailer fully loaded is, you can begin shopping.

 Here are 3 more things to consider about your new tow vehicle:

  1. Drive System

When you purchase a new tow vehicle, you may want to consider the drive system.  Having a tow vehicle that has rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive is important to have when choosing a tow vehicle.

  • A vehicle that has the option for a rear-wheel drive so that the engine’s power is directed to the axle that is bearing the most weight
  • With a front-wheel drive vehicle, you have more of a chance to lose control of the rear of the vehicle
  • Four wheel drive will help haul that extra weight through varying types of weather
  1. Transmission

People all have their own opinion as to which type of transmission is best for hauling a trailer, automatic or manual transmission.

  • Some people think that manual transmission could be more distracting when shifting, while others prefer it
  • Others believe that automatic can give you more time to focus on driving and your safety

The bottom line… Choose a transmission that you feel more confident with.

  1. Tow Package

Many people are not aware that there is more to a tow package than just the ball hitch on the back? A vehicle that comes with a tow package may have better suspension, brakes, bigger radiator, and transmission that allows more power to be sent to the drive wheels. These factors create a more powerful vehicle capable of towing a heavy load.

There is a lot of information to consider when shopping for the right tow vehicle that will keep you both safe and in control while on the road. Here at Trailer Boss, we are dedicated to help you accomplish both, so contact us today if you need help finding a tow vehicle or trailer in Spokane WA!

What to Consider When Buying a New Tow Vehicle – Part 1

Towing Vehicle for Trailer Seattle WAAre you considering buying a new trailer, or do you already own a great one? If you do, it is important that your towing vehicle is capable of hauling your beast of a trailer in Seattle WA!  This week we will be discussing many of the important features to consider as you search for your next tow vehicle.

Trailer Boss  is here to help you find your perfect fit for whatever you are hauling!

Before you even start shopping for the right tow vehicle, you should already be aware of the trailer that you will be hauling.   This may seem backwards, but there are so many different types and sizes of trailers out there to choose from. If you buy the vehicle first, you may be limiting yourself to a smaller trailer. Below are 3 very important factors to consider when buying a new tow vehicle:

  1. Tow Capacity

This is what the manufacturer puts as the maximum weight your new vehicle can tow. Check out the tow capacity of the vehicle to ensure that it is able to handle the weight.

  1. Curb Weight

This is the weight when the fuel tank is full, without passengers or cargo. Fuel efficiency is always important, so many vehicles are being built lighter to help you save money while hauling!

  1. Wheelbase

This is the distance from the front of the axle to the rear axle of the tow vehicle. This number is very important to the control and stability of the vehicle. When you have a longer wheelbase on your tow vehicle, you have less of a chance of the trailer weighing down the rear axle and lifting the front axle.

Our next blog post will discuss a few more important factors to consider when buying a new towing vehicle!  You can always contact our professional trailer experts at Trailer Boss to learn more about finding the perfect tow vehicle for hauling a trailer in Seattle WA!



Haul Safely this Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is upon us and many of you are planning getaways! That means that the roads are full of vacationers towing their homes-away-from-home with them on their journeys. If you planning to be one of them, it is important to stay safe on the road and avoid some of the most common towing mistakes!

Today we want to discuss to mistake of not knowing the ratings on your trailer in Seattle, WA.

Your tow vehicle (the vehicle doing the towing) can only carry and haul so much weight. Overloading your tow vehicle, trailer, or both can cause a whole host of problems like failing brakes, broken suspensions, overheated transmissions, or blown-out tires. None of these things make for happy campers, and some can be very dangerous.

Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR): This is the weight limit for your vehicle, including the vehicle itself plus passengers, cargo, and all accessories.

Gross combination weight rating (GCWR): This is the maximum weight of the tow vehicle plus the loaded trailer, equipment, passengers, fuel, and anything else you may plan to haul with you on your journey.

Gross axle weight rating (GAWR): This is the amount of weight a single axle can safely carry. It is s important to know this value for the safety of your tow vehicle and your trailer.

Towing capacity: This is the amount of weight your vehicle can pull.

Tongue weight: This is the amount of the trailer’s weight that is borne by the trailer hitch. Ideally, this should be about 10 percent of the total trailer weight. If you have too much tongue weight, it will make your vehicle’s steering less responsive. If there is too little the trailer might sway.

If you’re having trouble estimating the combined weight of your trailer plus cargo, take the loaded trailer to a vehicle scale at a nearby weigh station or truck stop.

At Trailer Boss, we can help you prepare your trailer in Seattle WA for all of your summer journeys!   Let us know if you have any questions about what your vehicle can haul! Contact us today!

How to Tow, Tow, Tow Your Boat


watercraft trailer Spokane WASummer is a great time to haul your boat to the water with your shiny watercraft trailer in Spokane, WA!  You can take your family and friends out fishing or tubing on the warmest days.

If you are a seasoned boat owner, you are aware that towing a boat on a trailer will change the way your tow vehicle handles.  Today we are going to share some tips for safe boat hauling.

  • Distribute weight evenly from side to side and lengthwise. This may require moving equipment, fuel, and water onboard the boat to achieve the right balance
  • Your tow vehicle and trailer should be nearly parallel to the ground. Remember to check the tongue weight to make sure that you are not overloading the hitch; it should weigh about ten percent of the all-up trailer weight
  • Take the extra time to secure the boat to the trailer with ratchet straps and ensure the trailer winch strap is attached to the bow eye
  • A boat adds weight to the overall vehicle, so it is important to take a little extra time when stopping. It’s also a good idea to avoid sudden turns, starts, or stops that can affect trailer stability. It’s also a good idea to engage low gear when driving downhill
  • Check to make sure your trailer lights are working, and use them even when there is daylight
  • Before you head out on the road, always perform a walk-around inspection of the trailer
  • Store a spare tire that fits your trailer, a grease gun, a lug wrench that fits the tires, and a tire gauge somewhere just in case

If you remember these simple guidelines when hauling your watercraft trailer in Spokane WA, you will end up enjoying the warm weather on the water, instead of on the side of the road!
If you have any questions about hauling your boat this summer, do not hesitate to contact your trailer professionals at Trailer Boss, or come into one of our awesome locations!