A Trailer is the Gift that Keeps on Giving – Part 2

Holiday Trailer Seattle WAThe holidays are right around the corner, and if you haven’t already started thinking about what to get your family or friends, now is the time to start.

This year, why not give the gift that doesn’t stop giving… A brand new trailer in Seattle WA!

In our last blog post, we discussed the types of people in your life who may benefit from owning one of our awesome trailers, and this week we want to share some more information to help you make this important decision.

If you aren’t convinced just yet that Trailer Boss is the perfect place to holiday shop this year, here are just a few more reasons to consider giving the gift of year-round hauling to your loved one:

  • You will be able to use it whenever you want without the hassle of upkeep or storage
  • It is a unique gift that they probably won’t get from anyone else
  • It can be used for anything from yard-work to picking up lumbar at the home-improvement store
  • A teardrop trailer is great for road trips and making memories
  • We offer awesome financing options so you can make an affordable monthly payment instead of paying it off all at once

Once you have decided that a trailer is the perfect gift, feel free to stop into your nearest Trailer Boss location. We take pride in offering the best trailers on the market and provide maintenance services to help keep them on the road for as long as possible.  We also have experienced technicians on staff to answer any questions you may have.

Contact us today to learn more about our financing options or to hear about our trailers in Seattle WA.




A Trailer is the Gift that Keeps on Giving – Part 1

winter with a trailer in Seattle WAAre you trying to find the perfect gift for the person who has everything? If so, you are not alone… This is a predicament that people face every time the gift-giving season rolls around.  Don’t worry this year though, Trailer Boss has got your back!

Just imagine the look on the face of your spouse, parents, sibling, or friend when you show up with a shiny new trailer in Seattle WA just for them!  Not only will you know you are giving them a gift that they can use year-round, you will be able to feel good in knowing that you are getting a solid product at a great price.

Consider the following people in your life who could benefit from a new trailer this year:

  • Maybe your husband or wife has a green thumb and enjoys spending time in the yard
  • Maybe your in-laws could use a trailer for hauling new antiques home from the thrift store
  • Maybe your father has a business where a trailer would come in handy
  • Maybe your sister moves from place to place and spends a lot of time on trailer rentals
  • Maybe your friend has an obsession with old classic cars and needs a tow dolly to pick them up
  • Maybe your brother enjoys hitting the slopes with his snowmobiles but has an old rickety trailer that barely gets him there

If any of these reasons sound remotely close to someone in your life, a trailer in Seattle WA would be a great gift idea!

Contact us today to discuss your financing options, or better yet come see what we have in stock for yourself!  We have 3 great locations for your convenience.


2 Essential Steps to Stay Safe on the Road this Winter

Brrr!  Does anyone else feel the recent chill in the air?  Are you noticing your breath as you walk to your car or ride your bike home from work? If so, you are already aware… Winter is here!

If you are like many Washington residents, and are not afraid of a little drizzle down your back, then you are probably still utilizing your utility trailer in Seattle WA to load and haul materials and equipment despite the cold weather.

If you are, it is important to also make sure to pay attention to trailer and tow vehicle maintenance. First and foremost, remember to check your vehicle’s battery is working well. A weak battery will usually begin to reveal itself during cold weather. If your battery is more than a couple years old, be sure to check it prior to leaving for a cold weather trip, the last thing you want is to be stranded in the mountains with your trailer.

Another suggestion is that before setting out on a trip, take the time to check weather reports and plan accordingly. The winter is known for unpredictable weather, so be sure to allow extra time and avoid areas that are known for causing problems. It is also important to always make sure you drive with your lights on when the weather is questionable or visibility is low.

If you have any questions about towing in the winter, our highly skilled technicians can customize your utility trailer in Spokane WA to fit all your needs and also to stand up to the cold weather.

We are also an authorized repair facility for most of the trailers we sell in the event that your trailer is in need of service.

Contact us today or visit on of our three Trailer Boss locations.

Can You Afford a New Trailer?

Financing Trailer in Spokane WAThere are many benefits to owning a trailer in Spokane WA, but it is a big investment!  We know that it can be hard to come up with the sticker price over night, which is why we go the extra mile to give you options when it comes to taking the plunge on trailer ownership.

So, if you are stuck in the mindset that owning a trailer is going to be way too expensive. We want to break the news to you that when you find the perfect trailer at a great price, and pair it with the perfect financing plan, owning a trailer can actually be pretty affordable.

Not only is Trailer Boss the low price leader here in the Northwest. We are dedicated to helping you find affordable and awesome trailers that can get the job done!

Depending on your circumstances, we provide a variety of options to our customers. Springleaf Financial Services offers great personal financing terms for our customers. If you are a business owner, we’ve got your back. Come into Trailer Boss and speak to our sales professionals about business financing through Sheffield.

If you are interested in help financing your new trailer in Spokane WA, contact us today.

What You Should Know About Hauling in High Wind Circumstances

Cargo Trailer Seattle WAIf you have spent any time at all pulling an enclosed cargo trailer, you know how problematic the effects of wind can become.

One important thing you may have noticed about pulling a cargo trailer in Seattle WA is just how much more exaggerated the effects of wind become on the road. One easy piece of advice we at Trailer Boss can give you to keep you and your trailer safe in windy conditions is to avoid driving in the center lane of the freeway.

A great tip for trailer road safety is driving in the far right lane. This means you will only have other vehicles to the left of you allowing you an escape route if the wind becomes severe enough that you need to leave your lane and move toward the shoulder.

Here are a few more steps that you can take to stay safe despite the wind:

  • Travel at safe speeds
  • Avoid sharp turns
  • Avoid roads that are prone to high wind levels
  • Remember to account for the additional weight
  • Be aware of other drivers on the road

Our professionals at Trailer Boss are both experienced and knowledgeable about trailers of all kinds and can help suggest safest practices according to your trailer and specific hauling vehicle.

Contact us today or come on in for more information about cargo trailers in Spokane WA.

Don’t Forget These Steps Before Hauling

utility trailer Seattle WAThis week at Trailer Boss, we are discussing some of our most important topics, road safety!

One major part of staying safe on the road is making sure your vehicle maintenance and trailer maintenance are current. Since towing puts extra stress on your vehicle, you may have to go through this list more often than you would when you aren’t hauling. Check and correct tire pressure on the tow vehicle and utility trailer in Seattle WA.

To stay up to date with your trailer maintenance, here are a few steps you can take:

  • Make sure the wheel lug nuts/bolts on the tow vehicle and trailer are tightened to the correct torque
  • Be sure the hitch, coupler, draw bar, and other equipment that connect the trailer and the tow vehicle are properly secured and adjusted
  • Check that the wiring is properly connected—not touching the road, but loose enough to make turns without disconnecting or damaging the wires
  • Make sure all running lights, brake lights, turn signals, and hazard lights are working
  • Verify that the brakes on the tow vehicle and trailer are operating correctly.
  • Check that all items are securely fastened on and in the trailer
  • Be sure the trailer jack, tongue support, and any attached stabilizers are raised and locked in place
  • Check load distribution to make sure the tow vehicle and trailer are properly balanced front to back and side to side
  • Check side- and rear-view mirrors to make sure you have good visibility.
  • Check routes and restrictions on bridges and tunnels
  • Make sure you have wheel chocks and jack stands

Once check all of these things off your list, you can safely use your utility trailer in Seattle WA!

For help with any of the above, or to buy a trailer at the best price in the northwest, come in to one of the three Trailer Boss locations or contact us today.


What You Need To Know About Trailer Safety

trailers in Spokane WAAt Trailer Boss, your safety is our biggest priority! This is why we are dedicated to selling you trailers and equipment that will ensure you have a proper setup.

In an effort to make sure our customers stay safe, this week we are going to go over a few general safety tips for driving with a trailer in Spokane WA:

  • It is always to important to do your research and use the driving gear that the manufacturer recommends for towing
  • Remember to always drive at moderate speeds. This will place less strain on your tow vehicle and trailer and avoid sway
  • Try to avoid sudden stops and starts that can cause skidding, sliding, or jackknifing
  • Make an effort to avoid sudden steering maneuvers that might create sway or undue side force on the trailer
  • Take a moment to slow down when traveling over bumpy roads, railroad crossings, and ditches
  • Take wider turns at curves and corners, because your trailer’s wheels are closer to the inside of a turn than the wheels of your tow vehicle, they are more likely to hit or ride up over curbs
  • Release the accelerator pedal to slow down and keep a firm grip on the steering wheel to control swaying caused by air pressure changes and wind buffeting when larger vehicles pass from either direction

The most important thing you can do to ensure road safety is to be aware of the extra weight and bulk you are hauling, and take the time to adjust to that weight.

If you have any questions about hauling a trailer in Spokane WA, please reach out and contact one of our professionals at Trailer Boss!

Steps to Ruin Your Trailer – Part 2

trailer Seattle WAThis week at Trailer Boss, we are discussing a few ways in which you may be slowy (or quickly) destroying your new trailer in Seattle WA!

By following these steps, you are doing damage to your trailer that may lead to dangerous outcomes! We do not recommend doing the following:

Loading unevenly: You should load your cargo evenly throughout your trailer with about 60 percent of the weight in front on the axle. Weight in the front keeps pressure on the hitch, helping the tow vehicle and trailer to stay connected and maneuvering smoothly. If you want to destroy your utility trailer, stick the heavy stuff on the back.

Ignoring rust spots: The rusty spots on your trailer just keeps others from wanting to steal the vehicle. Also, you like the character the rust gives you vehicle. WRONG. If you spend much time driving through icy roads with salt, your trailer is going to start corroding. Wash you trailer and take care of the rust spots before they spread. Come on in to Trailer Boss and we can address these.

Driving recklessly: The most obvious way to ruin your trailer is to randomly avoid all safety rules. Why would you put yourself and others on the road in danger by abandoning common sense and fly down the road headless of others?

If you notice yourself taking part in some of these activities, you might want to consider having a chat with one of our awesome trailer technicians! Not only can they inspect your trailer in Seattle WA for damage, they can give you real advice that will help you drive safely!

Contact us today to learn more, and remember, safety is always the most important thing!

Steps to Ruin Your Trailer – Part 1

trailer Spokane WAAt Trailer Boss, we are most concerned about your safety! To stay safe, we encourage all of our customers to do their research on staying safe on the road!

Our next concern is that your trailer lasts you many years, so that your investment with us is a sound one! That said, sometimes we hear stories that make us cringe… Stories of people ruining their trailers

For that reason, we have created a list for you. One that you should attempt to not follow!

So, if you are ruining your brand new shiny trailer from trailer boss, these are some things you might be doing:

Overloading your trailer: The quickest way to ruin a trailer is to overlook the weight capacity. Exceeding your vehicle’s weight limits can result in dangerous consequences like tire blowouts, compromised suspensions and even brake and transmission failure.

 Repacking your bearings: Rusty trailer wheel bearings are a big deal. You will eventually end up on the side of the road. Bring you trailer in to Trailer Boss. Our technicians can repack your bearings.

Forgetting to check the pressure in your tires: Here’s another opportunity to break down on the highway! All you have to do to blowout your tires is make sure they are a bit under-inflated. It also helps if they are worn out and if you drive fast. It’s really just that simple.

Our next blog post will continue discussing a few things you may be doing to damage or ruin your trailer in Spokane WA! If you need tips on how to avoid them, contact us ASAP! Our knowledgeable trailer technicians are experts in hauling and can help you make important changes!

Safety First with Tie Downs from Trailer Boss

trailer in Spokane WA
When you are hauling your shiny new trailer in Spokane WA from Trailer Boss, it is important to know that you are responsible for the load.

This is incredibly important when loading and tying down your haul, because anything that blows out or falls off while you are on the road, is your responsibility.

Whether you are aware of items blowing off your trailer or not, it is possible to be cited for littering. Loose items could also cause serious damage, an accident, or even hurt others.

This is why it is very important to double-check your tie-downs, tarps, and ropes every time you hit the road. Making sure that nothing will be bouncing or sliding off while you are driving will keep others safe and give you peace of mind.

When you first start driving the load you are hauling will “settle in” with the vibrations and bumps of the road. If you feel uneasy about what you are hauling, it is always a good idea to stop and double check the load, the tie-downs, and the overall stability of your load after driving a few miles.

If you are hauling a load that is very tall, it might be a good idea to avoid traveling on roads where there are strong cross-winds or gusts.

If you have any questions about safely tying down your load for safe hauling, contact our experienced technicians! They can answer all questions and double check your trailer to make sure that it is ready for the road!

Contact us today to find the perfect utility trailer in Spokane WA today!