Accelerating and Speeding While Hauling a Trailer

When you are hauling a load on the road with your trailer in Olympia WA, it is important to know that your vehicle has more mass. What this means is that you have to handle a vehicle that has a greater amount of momentum and inertia than you do when you are traveling without your trailer.

What is momentum and inertia?

Momentum is your mass in motion, and an increase in mass or speed results in an increase in momentum. Inertia is the automatic tendency for anything with mass to resist a change to its state of motion. So in turn, the more massive an object has, the greater it resists this change. Meaning it takes more energy to get a massive object to start or stop moving than an object with less mass.

So, when you are towing, your towing vehicle has to try harder to accelerate. If you use the same amount of energy in an attempt to accelerate, it will take more time to get up to speed.

It is important to keep this thought in mind while you are on the road because it can affect every decision you make.

It is also important to know that speeding while towing can damage your vehicle and your trailer. If you accelerate downhill, you may find your vehicle more difficult to control. You may also find that it is harder to handle your vehicle at faster speeds if you encounter the need to stop or swerve quickly.

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