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5 Enclosed Trailers that Will Blow Your Mind

trailers in Seattle WAAt Trailer Boss, our customers love enclosed trailers because they are great for carrying a wide variety of items.

From car haulers, bike trailers, equipment trailers, utility trailers, motorcycle trailers, and more, these trailers provide a level of protection of the cargo that cannot be beat by open-air trailers. They are also great because they can be customized with tracks, rings, tie-downs, shelving, and flooring to accommodate just about any type of cargo that you might be hauling.

To help you choose which type of enclosed trailer in Seattle WA will work for you, we want to offer a few ideas and their benefits:

Car Hauler Trailers – If you are going to be hauling vehicles, we recommend that you choose a trailer that is at least 8.5 feet in width and 16 feet long. These large trailers can help you haul large and bulky trailers.

Motorcycle Trailers – These trailers are awesome for hauling and protecting your toys.

Equipment Trailers – These trailers are great for contractors or those who use their trailer for work.

Moving Trailers – If you will be using your trailer for moving lots of items in one haul, these are a great option. They are perfect for moving companies, pickers, or delivery services.

Landscape Trailers – These are great for storing landscaping equipment such mowers and landscaping tools for protection, transport, and storage. Choosing an enclosed trailer for this type of work is also very useful for keeping your equipment protected from the weather.

Trailer Customization – At Trailer Boss we can customize your enclosed trailers to accomplish just about any function you need it to.

So if you are in the market for a great trailer in Seattle WA, consider an enclosed trailer! Over time they can save you money and keep your items protected! Contact us today and we will help you decide which one is right for you!

Consider Your Budget Before Choosing an Enclosed Cargo Trailer


trailer in Rochester WAYour trailer experts at Trailer Boss understand that the purchase of an enclosed cargo trailer is an important investment that will be used to make your life easier. From hauling equipment for work to bringing your cool toys out to the trails for enjoyment, we want to make sure that when you buy a trailer from us, you love it!

In order to help you accomplish this, we want you to feel like you got a great product, that is high quality, at the best price out there! This is why we ask you an important question before we start showing you trailers at one our of locations:

What is your budget?

We ask you this because we want to respect your needs and not try to get you into a trailer that is more than you want to spend. We know that to feel great about a purchase, you need to be happy with the price you paid, and at Trailer Boss we want to steer you clear of buyers remorse.

We also want to make sure that the trailer you buy is a great value. We want to make sure that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for price. To do this, we balance your budgent with making sure that you aren’t paying for options and accessories that you don’t need and won’t use.  This way we can work together to help you get a high quality enclosed cargo trailer with the options you require that fits within your budget.

We also offer financing to help make sure that you walk out feeling great about your purchase!

If you are in the market for a brand new enclosed trailer in Rochester WA, contact Trailer Boss! We can help you find the best trailer for you, no pressure included!


Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing an Enclosed Cargo Trailer – Part 2

trailer in Marysville WAWe know that when you purchase a brand new cargo trailer from us, you don’t want to overspend on a trailer that is larger than you need or on accessories that you won’t use. However, it is really important that as you go about this investment, you to look ahead and make sure you account for any growing room you think you might require or factors that might change in the years to come.

So in making this decision, it is a good idea to do your research and talk to experts who might be able to help you consider all of your options for your trailer in Marysville WA

What type of cargo will you be hauling? This question is very important because the type of cargo you’re planning to haul will directly influence the size or trailer and the options you choose for the interior of your enclosed trailer. Maybe your business requires you to carry tools inside your cargo trailer, if so, you might want to consider adding interior racks and shelves for organizing your tools and materials.

In some cases, you might be hauling items that need to be kept at a certain temperature. If this is the case, you will want to opt for customizations like vents and air conditioning to maintain a temperature-controlled environment while you’re on the road.  Depending on the size of items you are hauling, you may need to add additional height to the standard trailer sizes to accommodate oversized cargo.

Will you use your trailer to market your business? If you are using your trailer for your business, you might want to customize the exterior with your logo, photos, your company name, phone number, and website. You can also style out the interior to match your colors or company theme to make yourself stand out and attract more business.

At Trailer Boss, we love customizing trailers to the needs of our customers! We feel this step helps bring our awesome trailers to life. Contact us today and let us know how we can help put a little YOU in your new trailer in Marysville WA!

Important Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing an Enclosed Cargo Trailer

trailers in Spokane WAAt Trailer Boss we offer our customers trailers in many stylesoptions, and sizes. One of our favorite trailers in Spokane WA to sell is an enclosed cargo trailer, simply because we know that their function and protection offers our customers a great hauling experience.

Before we sell cargo trailer though, we believe that it’s important to make sure our customers have done their homework to figure out what they truly need.

To help you make this important decision, we are going to dedicate our next few blog posts to discussing some of the basic guidelines on how to choose the right enclosed cargo trailer for you

  1. What will you be using it for? This is the first question you should ask yourself and is probably the most important. The answer will likely influence the size of the trailer you buy and the customization options you add.  For example, if you will be using the trailer for your handyman business, you may only need a 5 foot wide single axle trailer for your tools and materials. On the other hand, if you need a trailer to haul vehicles or machinery, then you will need a larger trailer equipped with a ramp door and maybe even some tread plates.
  2. How far will you be traveling with it? This question is very important when considering the options to choose with your enclosed trailer.  Simple travel around town will only require the standard exterior options.  That said, if you will be taking your trailer across the country, you will want to think about purchasing various upgrades to enhance the safety of the trailer on such long hauls.

These two questions are the first and most vital to which enclosed trailer you choose, but in our next blog post we will discuss a few more factors to consider during your research. Contact us today if you have any questions about hauling your trailer.

5 Important Safety Tips for Towing a Teardrop Trailer

teardrop trailer in Marysville WAWith spring rapidly approaching every day, many of our customers are starting to daydream about their upcoming adventures.

Today we will be discussing some easy-to-follow towing safety tips that will help put your mind to ease on your upcoming adventure with you teardrop trailer in Marysville WA.

Make sure you have a capable tow vehicle:

Instead of just hooking it up and hoping for the best, you need to find the official documentation about your vehicle’s towing capacity, and compare it to the weight of your trailer — including the weight of all the stuff you put into it!

Pack light:

When determining the weight you are going to be carrying, you may want to go easy on clothing, food, accessories, gear, and other belongings. Bring only necessities to ensure that you do not overload your teardrop trailer, especially if your vehicle and hitch do not have a very high towing rating. Did you know that water alone weighs more than eight pounds per gallon? Your weight sure can add up fast if you don’t pay attention.

Pay attention to trailer weight distribution.

Try to distribute the weight so that 60% or more is in the front end of the RV to help keep it running smooth and straight on the road behind your tow vehicle. If more than 40% of the weight is concentrated in the back of the trailer, it will become “tail heavy,” and can cause some major issues on the road.

Remember to take your time and take it slow:

Don’t forget that you are hauling extra weight. It is always a good idea to hang out in the right hand lane and get used to watching smaller cars pass you.

If possible, never slam on the brakes:

Your trailer is simply too heavy to stop on a dime. When you try to slam on the breaks, all that extra weight can cause you to skid, jack knife, or worse.

Now that you know the most important tips about hauling your teardrop trailer in Marysville WA, you can start planning all of your spring adventures! Feel free to contact Trailer Boss today to discuss all of your options or to have your trailer inspected before you hit the road.


Don’t Make This Common Mistake When Considering Towing Ratings

truck for trailer in Seattle WAWhen it comes to safe hauling, looking at towing ratings is one of the most important things you should consider. At Trailer Boss we always recommend that you consider what you are hauling, your tow vehicle, and your trailer together before making big purchases.

If you assume you are hauling a safe load prior to considering all of the factors in your towing set up, you might end up in some dangerous situations.

If you know that your vehicle has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 9,000 lbs and your new trailer model weighs only 6,000 lbs, you can’t just assume you are ready to hit the road. This is actually one of the most common mistake made by haulers and can lead to driving down the road with far too much weight on your hitch and trailer.

Many times vehicle manufacturers will boast about how much weight their trucks can pull or tow, but this number often falls short when it comes to the capacity of the hitch and the tongue weight the hitch is capable of carrying.

This puts you in the situation of having a large suitcase, composed of the strongest material in the world, capable of holding a great deal of weight. Then when you go to pick it up, the handle can handle the weight and breaks immediately.

To combat this dilemma, we recommend that you remember that what you are hauling is only as safe as the weakest link.  If your vehicle can haul 12,000 lbs but for some reason your hitch is only rated to carry 500 lbs, you better not have any more than 500 lbs on the tongue weight, or you will be putting yourself and everyone else on the road at risk of a serious accident.

If you are stumped about the rating system or can’t decide on the right hitch or trailer for your tow vehicle, your experts in trailers in Seattle WA can answer all of your questions and help prepare for your next haul. Contact us or come see us at one of our 3 locations today.

3 Important Ways our Trailers Will Change Your Life


trailer in Seattle WAMany people don’t realize how much they truly need a trailer until they take the plunge and buy one. This is because the idea to purchase a trailer only comes about when the need does. Once you solve the need, your desire to own a trailer will likely dissipate until the next time the need arises.

At Trailer Boss, we see it every day!

The good new is, that once you realize that you need a trailer in your life, finding one is easy if you come to Trailer Boss!

When you come into any one of our locations, our main goal is to find you a trailer that is perfect for you. A trailer that will meet every one of your needs in the budget you are hoping to stay in.

Once you have found the perfect trailer, here are 3 ways that owning one will change your life:

  • No need to frantically find one to rent or borrow every time the need arises.
  • Once you master the ins and outs of trailer ownership, you will be an expert and everyone you know will look to you to teach them
  • Your hobbies or projects will never again be hindered by a lack of ability to partake

With your shiny new trailer in Seattle WA, your life will become a whole lot more convenient, leaving you time to focus on getting the job done when you want to do it!

Contact us today for help finding the trailer of your dreams! We can’t wait to watch the transformation unfold!

9 Important Things Your Trailer Experts can do for You

The holidays are over and we bet you have your eye on spring. We hate to break it to you, but we still have a few long, cold months until March goes out like a lamb (as the saying goes). If your trailers have been stowed away this winter, you are likely getting antsy to bring them out and get them ready for spring towing season. On the other hand, if you are a year round tower, you are probably just simply tired of these treacherous roads!

Either way, your experts on trailers in Olympia WA understand the need to have your trailer in top towing order year-round, whether you are using it this time of year or not. For this reason, we aim to do more than just sell you a trailer, we are happy to offer you a variety of services too.

So if you are a seasoned hauler or new to the game, here are just a few things we can do for you at any one of our 3 locations:

  • Offer you advice on just about any towing situation
  • Fix your trailer
  • Inspect a new trailer you purchased from a third-party
  • Inspect your trailer to make sure you are ready for a trip, season, or specific job
  • Let you know which parts and accessories you need
  • Sell you parts and accessories that will work best for your trailer
  • Provide you with great financing options
  • Give you a great deal on a trailer that is perfect for you
  • Do all of this without high pressure sales or guiding you into a product that you don’t want

At Trailer Boss, our first priority is your safety and our second is your satisfaction! We want to make sure that the purchase of your trailer in Olympia WA is perfect, from the second you walk in the door, and for years to come when we see you and your trailer for regular maintenance.

We want to make a lasting relationship, not just a sale! Come see us today or contact us!

Essential Tricks for Safe Winter Hauling – Part 4

trailer in Seattle WAOver our last few blog posts we have been discussing the importance of taking extra precaution for winter hauling.  It is obviously always important to take safety steps before taking our your trailer, but winter brings about extra hazards that could potentially lead to emergencies while out in the elements.

Now that you know what you should do to prepare for your next big excursion, we want to give you a few pointers for what to do once you take off.

Once on the road, it is important to slow down and plan your stops sooner than normal. While towing in the winter, you may find yourself in a situation where the weather fluctuates.  Even if the majority of your journey has you in ideal conditions, rain or snow may begin to fall while you’re traveling. If this happens, slow down to a speed at which you feel safe and increase the distance between your vehicle and those in front of you. Slow down well in advance of a stop or turn to avoid skidding on slippery roads.

It is also a good idea to remember to take a break when you get tired or when weather, visibility and road conditions begin to worsen while you’re driving. Whether you are planning to pull off the road and find something else to do for a while or stay at a hotel to wait it out, sometimes it is a safe bet to stop driving for a while. It you may increase your travel expenses or time traveling, your safety is well worth it.  You can use the time to rest, have a bite to eat, check to see when the weather will improve, and resume travel when the weather improves.

Last but not least, please remember to always wear your seatbelt! Just like you secure your precious cargo, it’s even more important to protect yourself and your passengers by making sure they buckle up.

Let us know if we at Trailer Boss can do anything to help keep you safe while hauling this winter!  Contact us today if you have any questions or if you need a new trailer in Seattle WA.


Essential Tricks for Safe Winter Hauling – Part 3

Your winter hauling plans are likely weighing on your mind now that the weather is getting colder. You are probably concerned about whether you should risk it or hold off until spring.

At Trailer Boss, our trailers are built to handle the elements, but it is still important to us that you take the proper safety precautions to stay safe out there.

Today we would like to offer a few suggestions before you head out the door with your trailer in Seattle WA.

One important thing to do once you are all loaded up and ready to go is to check weather before you head out. This last minute check might be important to avoid driving in snow and ice.

Another idea to stay safe when hauling during extreme conditions is to take some emergency supplies with you, just in case. Some ideas for to take along are; a couple blankets, bottles of water, snacks, and your phone charger.

Jot down the non-emergency phone numbers of the authorities in the area where you are traveling. You can also bring along the number of your roadside assistance provider so you can ask for help if you get in a jam.

You might feel like taking extra precautions before heading out the door are a waste of time, but you will be glad you took the time if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation.

Your experts at Trailer Boss are ready to help you check these things off your list and stay safe out there.  Contact us today or come on in to one of our awesome locations if you find yourself needing accessories for your trailer in Seattle WA or anything else for your winter hauling needs.