Decrease Trailer Maintenance Costs With These 5 Steps

Trailer Boss
is always trying to find ways to decrease maintenance costs and trailer related accidents. If you actively avoid partaking in routine trailer maintenance, you may experience that some of your minor complications will turn into more costly issues.

Today we are going to discuss the importance of inspecting your trailer at the beginning and end of every towing season season.

Inspecting your trailer in Spokane WA on an annual basis is an importantpart of checking on the overall health of your trailer. It is actually a good idea to do this at the beginning and end of each trailering season. This can greatly reduce future costs and problems with your trailer.

Here are a few steps for inspecting your trailer:

  1. Start at the front of the trailer and check to see if your safety chains are both intact and not heavily rusted. If you notice rust, you should know that surface rust is not something to be majorly concerned about, but if there is any visible deterioration of the metal it is definitely time to make plans to replace the chain.
  2. If your trailer is a boat trailer, it is a good idea to check the brackets holding your trailer bunks. You might not realize it, but both bunks and carpet hold water and can cause the tops of bunk brackets to rust. Rust may lead to the brackets collapsing, which can cause major damage to the hull of your boat.
  3. Next it is important to check and make sure your trailer springs are in good working order. If there are broken springs, you may end up on the side of the road, lead to serious damage, or worse. It is also important to watch for separation between the leaves of the springs or rust that is eating through the metal. Taking the time to use a wire brush and keep up with painting the springs can prolong their life significantly.
  4. Checking your tires for shake and Inflation is also very necessary. Your trailer tires are meant to be inflated to their max PSI at all times. Tire shake can occur when one or more of your bearings has or is failing.
  5. You might not realize how important your trailer lights are, but they are! The other vehicles around you would love to see those LED’s light up nice and bright so they know exactly what your plans are when you are on the road. They are an important part of traffic safety and help to reduce accidents. Your trailer experts at Trailer Boss recommend checking on your lights before every haul!

If you have any questions about performing your bi-yearlyinspection on your trailer in Spokane WA, don’t hesitate to contact us! We can give you tips or take a look at your trailer ourselves!