How to Properly Distribute the Weight on Your Trailer

tilt trailerThis week we have been focusing on making sure that you are loading your trailer in such a way that you can achieve optimum hauling safety.

Loading your trailer in Rochester WA properly can have a huge impact on how safe your trailer is on the road!

Today we want to discuss how important it is to have the weight on your trailer distributed properly.

Some trailers will need a weight distribution system with spring bars to help combat the problems that pop up with standard hitch systems.

If you choose to add spring bars to your towing setup, you might find that they help apply leverage to both sides of your system. This helps to transfer the load that is pushing down on your vehicle’s rear to all of the axles on your tow vehicle and your trailer.

Once you achieve even distribution, you will notice a the new smooth, level ride, as well as the ability to tow at the maximum capacity of your hitch.

Do you know if you need a weight distribution system?

Your trailer would likely benefit from a weight distribution system if:

  • Your trailer weight (GTW) is more than 50 percent of your vehicle’s weight (GVWR)
  • You notice that the rear of your tow vehicle sags when the trailer is hooked up
  • You notice that your trailer is swaying
  • Your notice that your vehicle’s headlights point upward
  • You find steering and stopping
  • You find that you are regularly towing to the highest capacity allowed by your vehicle’s trailer hitch

For more information about weight distribution and whether or not a weight distribution system would benefit your trailer in Rochester WA, contact Trailer Boss today! We have some of the most knowledgeable technicians in the Pacific Northwest, and they are happy to answer all of your questions!