How to Tow, Tow, Tow Your Boat


watercraft trailer Spokane WASummer is a great time to haul your boat to the water with your shiny watercraft trailer in Spokane, WA!  You can take your family and friends out fishing or tubing on the warmest days.

If you are a seasoned boat owner, you are aware that towing a boat on a trailer will change the way your tow vehicle handles.  Today we are going to share some tips for safe boat hauling.

  • Distribute weight evenly from side to side and lengthwise. This may require moving equipment, fuel, and water onboard the boat to achieve the right balance
  • Your tow vehicle and trailer should be nearly parallel to the ground. Remember to check the tongue weight to make sure that you are not overloading the hitch; it should weigh about ten percent of the all-up trailer weight
  • Take the extra time to secure the boat to the trailer with ratchet straps and ensure the trailer winch strap is attached to the bow eye
  • A boat adds weight to the overall vehicle, so it is important to take a little extra time when stopping. It’s also a good idea to avoid sudden turns, starts, or stops that can affect trailer stability. It’s also a good idea to engage low gear when driving downhill
  • Check to make sure your trailer lights are working, and use them even when there is daylight
  • Before you head out on the road, always perform a walk-around inspection of the trailer
  • Store a spare tire that fits your trailer, a grease gun, a lug wrench that fits the tires, and a tire gauge somewhere just in case

If you remember these simple guidelines when hauling your watercraft trailer in Spokane WA, you will end up enjoying the warm weather on the water, instead of on the side of the road!
If you have any questions about hauling your boat this summer, do not hesitate to contact your trailer professionals at Trailer Boss, or come into one of our awesome locations!