Summer Road-Trips for Your Enjoyment – Part 4

18156984_10210752919392507_1342313829527564872_nOver the course of this blog series, we have been discussing some awesome things to do in the great Pacific NorthWest, and this post is not different!

We have labeled this journey “Going Gorge-ous” and this one most certainly lives up to its name! in fact, it is one of the most beautiful drives in the Pacific Northwest.

This road trip takes place in both Washington and Oregon, and is well worth the 10 hours you can expect to be away from home!

To begin your round-trip excursion through the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area start on the Oregon side of the river in Portland, and head east on I-84 (also called State Route 30). You will head out of the suburbs and into nature!

As you approach the East side of Troutdale, you will come upon Multnomah Falls. The view you will find from the top of a trail is impressive, but the very best view will be found from the stone Benson Footbridge that crosses the creek down by the lower falls.

Once back on the road, past Hood River, you will happen upon the town Mosier. If you are feeling it, now is a great time to hike through the twin tunnels that were once part of old Highway 30, which were built in the early part of the 1900s (known as Mosier Tunnels) and now make up a stunning 10-mile hike. Some of the graffiti you will see is from the 1920’s, so bring a flashlight!

If all that hiking has worked up an appetite, continue east to The Dalles, and grab a nummy meal at Cousins Restaurant and Saloon! If you feel the urge to spend the night, there is a hotel right there, otherwise, it is a quick little journey home!

If you take one road-trip this summer this one is a great choice! For help preparing your trailer in Spokane WA for the journey, come into Trailer Boss today!

Summer Road-Trips for Your Enjoyment – Part 3

TB2 2This week we are discussing some awesome adventures that you can take with your trailer in Seattle WA! Today we want to continue to the adventure we have named “the Fruit of Panorama,” which is also located in Washington.

To begin your journey, you will begin the drive in Spokane, WA and head north on I-395, you will drive past rolling hills and fruit trees begin as you come up on Colville. Once you hit Kettle Falls, you will feel the area sort of come to life. Here, in the de facto capital of the region, you can hit up Meyers Falls Market to grab anything you need for your trip.

Back on the road, you will take State Route 25 to Riverview Orchard, which is a really cool farm stand that specializes in nectarines, pears, local honey, and home brewed coffee! If you have the time, check out Cliffside orchard too, which sits on a cliff that overlooks the river and Lake Roosevelt. Here you will find 3 lb bags of cherries for under $10!

If you are in the mood for some of the region’s best produce, hop back on the road and head into town, then west on I-395. You will know you are going the right way if you come across the rickety metal bridge. From there follow the signs to State Route 20.

Watch for the signs for Peachcrest Fruit-basket Organic Farm, and there you will find (you guessed it) the best peaches in the area! These aren’t just any peaches either, they are juicy white and yellow peaches the size of softballs. Make sure to buy some extras for the ride back home.

If you take this great fruit journey, please stop into your local Trailer Boss and share your stories!

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Summer Road-Trips for Your Enjoyment – Part 2

TB1This week we are discussing a few awesome road trips that you can take that are just a hop, skip, and a jump from home!

So load up your trailer in Spokane WA and hit the road!

Continuing your adventure to Forks, Washington…

Once rested in the morning you should get back on SR 20 to Highway 101, right through the towns of Sequim and Port Angeles into Olympic National Park. If you are feeling feisty, when you get to Lake Crescent, you can pull over and hike the 1.5-mile trail to Marymere Falls, you might as well burn some calories!

Later on, you can take the 15-mile turn-off toward Sol Duc Hot Springs, and soak in the 108-degree pool to rest your poor muscles after your big hike. If you feel the urge, you can stop in Forks, where the fictional “Twilight” series was set, and shop for Edward Cullen gadgets!

Once you are all shopped out, head to south from Forks for 25 miles out the old Hoh River Road for another hike along the Hoh Rainforest Trail! This is the most popular trail in the park and is well worth the time and effort. After you long day of hiking, settle in for your second night at Kalaloch Lodge overlooking the great Pacific Ocean.

Just before you head home with your trailer to Spokane WA, grab your camera and stop at the Enchanted Valley near Lake Quinault to watch the elk and eagles!

At Trailer Boss, we think this trip is special because it represents the diversity of our great state, from the mountains to the desert, to the ocean!

Contact us today for help getting your trailer ready for your next big adventure!

Summer Road-Trips for Your Enjoyment – Part 1

tb33The Pacific Northwest is very well known for its vast beauty and wide-open spaces! Many of our customers love to explore Washington and Oregon during the summer months so we have put together 4 awesome road trips just for you!

so get your summer planning out of the way and look forward to your next big adventure with your trailer in Spokane WA!

We have titled our first big road trip Beyond “Twilight” because the book series and movies were set in Forks, WA, which is a bonkers beautiful spot. That said, we feel that if you are headed that way, it is worth checking out the entire Olympic Peninsula!

To get there from the ferry terminal on Bainbridge Island (offering a daily service from Seattle), drive north on State Routes 305 and 3 toward Poulsbo. Turn left on SR 104 over the Hood Canal Bridge and follow SRs 19 and 20 to the quaint Victorian town of Port Townsend. Once you arrive you can spend the day checking out the historic buildings of Water Street, later you can have lunch at Sweet Laurette’s Café and Bistro, and spend the night at a very cool old officer’s quarters at Fort Worden State Park.

Our next blog post will discuss your second day of traveling the great Pacific Northwest!

To find the perfect trailer in Spokane WA to take with you on your journey, contact us or come into Trailer Boss today!


Stay Safe On The Road

459You might think that while you are the road that preventative maintenance stops. This simply isn’t true!

In fact, every time you stop for gas, food, or restrooms, it is a good idea to take a minute to walk around the trailer to check the lights and touch the hubs and tires with your hand to make sure the hubs are topped off with grease.

In fact, every time you stop for gas, food, or the restroom, it is a good idea to take a minute to walk around the trailer to check the lights and touch the hubs and tires with your hand to make sure the hubs are topped off with grease.

Even with all the prevention and preparation in the world, sometimes things just happen, and when they do, there are a few things that you can do to protect your utility trailer in Spokane WA:

  • Pull far off the roadway and get as far off the road onto the shoulder as you can
  • You can set flares or triangles out and put on an orange vest if you plan to be there for long
  • While you are working on your trailer, have someone watch the traffic if possible
  • It doesn’t make sense for everyone watch you work, so have everyone that is not needed to fix the problem or watch traffic stay in the tow vehicle
  • The side of the highway is a dangerous and inside the tow vehicle is the safest place to be

Following these simple tips will keep you, your passengers, and your load safe while on your next big haul!

Contact us at Trailer Boss today if you have any questions about on the road maintenance with your new utility trailer in Spokane WA.

Common Trailer Hauling Complaints – Part 3

589This week we at Trailer Boss have been discussing a few things that our customers are concerned about when it comes to trailer handling.

Today we will be discussing an issue that is both dangerous and possible when hauling your cargo trailer in Spokane WA.

Issue #3: Body Roll

Body roll is something that happens when maneuvering winding roads and sharp corners with a vehicle carrying added payload. In this instance, the trailer is much more difficult to control.

It is important to know that vehicles with a high center of gravity are notorious for tipping and leaning over when turning. This body roll can very dangerous, even leading to major accidents in certain situations.

To avoid trailer body roll, remember to take corners and turns at a reduced speed to ensure that your trailer does not tip. This is most important to hauling camper trailers, cargo trailers, or other trailers with a higher center of gravity.

To learn more about body roll and your cargo trailer in Spokane WA, contact us at Trailer Boss today! It is our goal to ensure that you are safe on the road.

Common Trailer Hauling Complaints – Part 2

trailer 4
At Trailer Boss, we understand how important your trailer in Spokane WA is to you! We also know how vital it is to stay safe on the road.

That is why we are discussing issues our customers experience with trailer handling this week. We want to make sure you are ready for anything while out on the road!

 Issue #2: Porpoising

The second issue we are discussing this week is porpoising, which can be cause by misalignment. This increases stopping distance, the ability to steer without delayed response, increased tire wear, and many other issues.

These problems result in the front and back motion known as ‘porpoising.’ If you load your trailer to full, it will put even more weight on the rear axle, causing the towing vehicle to sag and the nose to tilt up.

When this occurs, the drivability and handling of the vehicle can be negatively impacted and lead to the trailer rocking forward and backward.

To fight back against porpoising, do not exceed to weight limit of your trailer and towing vehicle. Also, it is best to attempt to distribute the weight evenly throughout the trailer.

For more information about how to avoid porpoising and trailer bounce, ask one of our Trailer Boss professionals!

Contact us today, we can help you learn everything there is to know about your trailer in Spokane WA.


Common Trailer Hauling Complaints – Part 1

At Trailer Boss, we know that hauling a trailer is not always a piece of cake, so it is our goal to help you complete your hauling trips successfully every time!

This week we will be discussing some of the most common complaints of poor handling situations while hauling a trailer in Seattle WA.

Issue #1: Side-to-side Sway 

The first issue that many of our customers encounter is side to side sway. This occurs when the vehicle is under significant load and the suspension is unable to provide proper support. This causes the truck to sway from side to side.

This is even more of an issue if you are hauling a camper or cargo trailer. This sway creates a “top-heavy” feeling and makes it difficult to regain control of the vehicle, especially when traveling at higher speeds.

To cut down on trailer sway, try to not overload your trailer and make sure to travel at a safe and comfortable speed!

To learn more about side-to-side sway and your trailer in Seattle WA, come on in and ask one of our Trailer Boss professionals or contact us today!

Suggestions for Storing your Trailer

530If you are like many of our customers, you are wondering what the best way to store your trailer is! If this sounds like you, you are in luck! Trailer Boss has the answers you are looking for.

If at all possible, we recommend that you store your trailer in Seattle WA inside.

Direct sunlight can cause the following damage to your trailer:

  • It can degrade the awning fabric
  • It can ruin vinyl graphics
  • It can destroy rubber seals on your windows
  • It can cause havoc for your tires
  • It can fade your paint job
  • It can cause leaks in your trailer’s roof

This is why we at Trailer Boss recommend that you store your trailer inside if possible. It not only helps you avoid damage from the sun but also will also prevent water damage from happening.

Now for many people, storing your trailer in a completely enclosed garage is simply not a possibility. If this is your situation, you can do the next best thing by finding another covered spot for your trailer.

If neither option will work for you and you have to store your trailer outside, make sure to protect your trailer from the elements by buying a high-quality trailer cover to keep your trailer dry and out of the sun!

If you need suggestions for storing your new trailer in Seattle WA, come into Trailer Boss or contact us today! We want to make sure that you are safe on the road!

Cleaning Your New Trailer

583Taking the extra time to wash and clean the inside and outside of your trailer with soap and water will protect your investment and keep it looking awesome!

Now that spring is here, staying up to date on cleaning your trailer is a bit more realistic!

If you are like many trailer owners, you have neglected giving your trailer a good clean over the winter, so now is a great time to catch up and get your trailer in Spokane WA ready for hauling season!

At Trailer Boss, we recommend washing and cleaning your trailer after:

  • A long hauling trip, especially if the trip was muddy or dusty
  • It sits all season in storage
  • It starts to look dirty after being used on multiple short trips around town
  • Someone else borrows it
  • A sand, wind, rain, or snow storm

There are many other reasons why someone might decide to wash their trailer in Spokane WA, and you can’t over clean it! So all of us at Trailer Boss recommend that you wash your trailer as often as you would like!

Contact us today for more information about washing your trailer.