The Complexities of Hauling a Trailer

20150911_115539_resizedThe idea of hauling around something huge behind your truck or SUV might sound like a fun adventure, but for those who aren’t familiar with the complexities of hauling a trailer in Marysville WA, it may actually feel pretty intimidating!

If you are new to hauling a trailer, practice makes perfect! That said, there are things that even the most seasoned tower has yet to learn!

To help you get ready for the road, here are a few things to help you avoid costly damages:

  • Overworking your engine by hauling loads that are too big or heavy
  • Using the wrong weight distribution bars
  • Forgetting to check and/or maintain the breaks
  • Not taking the time to properly load your vehicle
  • Using the wrong ball or ball mount
  • “Racing” with others on the road while towing
  • Using tires with low pressure
  • Not taking the time to lube your components

Once you have mastered the art of hauling a trailer in Marysville WA, you can start out on your next big adventure! Chek out our awesome trailers at Trailer Boss today!

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What You Should Consider Before You Buy a Car Hauler Trailer

589Purchasing a car hauler trailer in Seattle WA is a big investment, with a lot of possible options. As you go about this important decision, there are some things that should be thought over before making the plunge:

Capacity: You should first make sure that you know how much weight you are planning to haul in the trailer. This will help you pick the perfect trailer for the job!

Warranty: If you are buying your trailer new, you will want to ask your retailer about what the warranty covers and how long it lasts.

Size: Along with capacity, it is important to keep in mind how much and what type of vehicle you are planning on hauling.

Enclosed or open trailer: Choosing between an open or enclosed carrier is an important decision. Enclosed offers more protection for the cargo, but open carriers are often less expensive.

Our next blog post will continue discussing what you need to consider when purchasing a new car hauler trailer.

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Accelerating and Speeding While Hauling a Trailer

When you are hauling a load on the road with your trailer in Olympia WA, it is important to know that your vehicle has more mass. What this means is that you have to handle a vehicle that has a greater amount of momentum and inertia than you do when you are traveling without your trailer.

What is momentum and inertia?

Momentum is your mass in motion, and an increase in mass or speed results in an increase in momentum. Inertia is the automatic tendency for anything with mass to resist a change to its state of motion. So in turn, the more massive an object has, the greater it resists this change. Meaning it takes more energy to get a massive object to start or stop moving than an object with less mass.

So, when you are towing, your towing vehicle has to try harder to accelerate. If you use the same amount of energy in an attempt to accelerate, it will take more time to get up to speed.

It is important to keep this thought in mind while you are on the road because it can affect every decision you make.

It is also important to know that speeding while towing can damage your vehicle and your trailer. If you accelerate downhill, you may find your vehicle more difficult to control. You may also find that it is harder to handle your vehicle at faster speeds if you encounter the need to stop or swerve quickly.

For more information about handling your trailer at varying speeds, contact our trailer specialists in Olympia WA today! WE are happy to help you with the entire process, from choosing the perfect trailer to financing it!


Don’t Leave Home without a Trailer Tool Kit

car-111813_960_720Getting out on the road with your trailer in Seattle WA can be daunting!

What if something happens while you are so far from home? Today we at Trailer Boss will be discussing a few items that you can bring with you to ensure a safe trip!

This list will help you with any problem you encounter on your next long haul:

  • Tarp: This will give you a clean work area without taking up much space
  • WD40 or Blaster PB50
  • Brake Cleaner
  • Fix-A-Flat: A can or two of this can often get you to an area where you can safely swap to your spare tires
  • Jack
  • Plywood Board: A piece of plywood gives you a firm, stable base if you breakdown in a soft or sandy area
  • Wooden 4×4 or 4×6
  • Basic Tool Kit: A kit with adjustable wrenches, vise grips, wire cutters and crimpers can come in very handy while traveling with your boat
  • Electrical Kit: Your kit should consist of electrical tape, crimps, zip ties, fuses, and a spare roll of wire will help fix any electrical issue
  • Flares or Safety Triangles
  • Grease Gun and Extra Tubes of Grease
  • Tire Gauge
  • Assorted Bungee Cords and Ratchet Straps
  • Automotive Hand Wipes, Rags, and Paper Towels
  • First Aid Kit
  • 12-Volt Air Pump
  • Four-Way Lugwrench, Battery-Powered Impact Wrench or Breaker Bar
  • 12-Volt Work Light or Flashlight

Now you are ready for your next adventure! Armed with these necessities, you can be sure that you will get to and from your next big destination like a boss!

Contact us today to discuss any concerns you might have about getting out on the road with your trailer in Seattle WA.

Pre-Trip Prep For Your Next Hauling Adventure

609If you own a trailer in Spokane WA, you already know that the first part of safe trailering is the pre-trip preparation!

Today we will be discussing some preventative maintenance that you can take to help stop anything bad from happening while you are away from home.

  • Before your trip, and several times this spring and summer, remove all of the lug nuts and coat the wheel studs with Never-Seez. By soaking them in penetrating oil like Blaster PB50 will make getting them off much faster and easier in the future. It may sound like busy-work, but it’s much better to do this in the driveway than be stuck roadside with lug nuts you can’t get off
  • While you’re working around the tires, check the air pressure in all your tires, including the spare. Also, take the time to check the tires on the tow vehicle
  • A quick walk around your trailer will allow you to check the lights
  • If you plan to trailer at night, make sure to grab a few strips of DOT tape. This is a reflective tape that will give you some added safety until you can get somewhere to fix the problem
  • Check to make sure you have attached your safety chains
  • Make sure you have a spare key tucked away somewhere safe
  • Last, but very important, make sure your rig is balanced

This pre-trip list might seem like a lot of extra work, but it is well worth the effort! Once you are on the road, you will be glad that you are prepared for whatever comes your way!

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Steps to Take Upon Returning Home with Your Trailer

gloves-1192164_960_720Upon returning from a trailer-hauling trip, you are likely ready to put your boots up and call it a day. You probably worked very hard to prepare for the trip and getting your trailer in Spokane WA for the road.

Before you start dreaming about your next adventure, you will want to properly clean and store your trailer. Doing so will make sure that your next big trip is a success too!

Here are a few tips for helping you get your trailer ready after a long trailer hauling trip.

  1. Unload your trailer and secure items: Unload any animals, equipment, and supplies. Any items left on the trailer should be safely stored or secured. If you are leaving any items, they should be safely stored.
  2. Check the floors: You can raise the nose of your trailer, remove the mats, and thoroughly wash it with soap and water. Next, allow the area dry and then re-install the mats. If you have aluminum floors, make sure to wash the floors frequently to remove any urine, as it is corrosive to aluminum.
  3. Drain and flush holding tank and water lines: The water holding tank and water lines should be drained and flushed. Prior to leaving on your next trip, add fresh water, this should prevent that rotten egg smell.

These are just a few precautions you can take upon returning home from a big trailer trip!   For more suggestions about your trailer in Spokane WA, contact us at Trailer Boss today!

New to Towing? Try These Tips!

609Are you new to towing? If so, this is best time of year to start! Spring and summer are the perfect times to learn how to tow your new trailer in Spokane WA!

Before you start learning, come into Trailer Boss! Not only can we help you find the perfect dump trailer to fit your needs, we can give you tips and techniques for learning how to tow!

Our technicians are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the business, and it is our goal to ensure that you are ready to be a BOSS at towing!

Learning takes time, so before you haul the largest load out on the open road, here are a few tips:

  • Learn how to back up and park effectively, remembering that what you know about left and right is backwards when it comes to backing up
  • Know how much weight your trailer can carry before loading your trailer
  • Know how much weight your towing vehicle can haul too
  • Self inspect your trailer before hitting the road, especially if your trailer has been sitting for a while
  • Check to make sure your lights are in working order
  • Remember to use tie downs to ensure nothing flies off the back of the trailer while you are towing

It’s always a great idea to practice hauling your trailer in an empty lot or on a road that isn’t very busy until you get the hang of it! If you have any questions about hauling your new trailer in Spokane WA, contact Trailer Boss today!

The Benefits of Owning a Teardrop Trailer

397This week we are discussing some of the important benefits of owning a teardrop trailer in Rochester WA! Their compact and functional nature offers owners the ability to get away comfortably and easily!

If you are considering a teardrop trailer, you should know that most models of this type of camping trailer were intentionally constructed to be compact and easy to use.

Here are just a few reasons to own a teardrop trailer:

  • The body does not typically rise higher than five feet
  • The length is usually no more than ten feet
  • Since the teardrop trailer is small and light, almost any car or truck can tow it
  • You will experience no bit impact on the average gasoline mileage used while towing it
  • Traditional design allows room for two sleeping bunkers as well as a room for storing clothing, camping gear and other dry goods
  • A tiny kitchenette area is located on the exterior of the trailer, concealed under a hatch
  • They often are equipped with water and power hookups
  • They are compact and easy to store when not in use
  • They are easy to maintain and last for many years

Teardrop trailers were extremely popular from 1930-1965, but as larger camper models with more amenities became affordable, production of the teardrop trailer dropped significantly.

These days however, the teardrop trailer is returning to its original glory. As in times past, the teardrop trailer is an affordable and relatively inexpensive way to enjoy camping and different types of road trips.

To see our inventory at Trailer Boss or to learn more about owning a teardrop trailer in Rochester WA, come into one of our locations or contact us today!

How to Properly Distribute the Weight on Your Trailer

tilt trailerThis week we have been focusing on making sure that you are loading your trailer in such a way that you can achieve optimum hauling safety.

Loading your trailer in Rochester WA properly can have a huge impact on how safe your trailer is on the road!

Today we want to discuss how important it is to have the weight on your trailer distributed properly.

Some trailers will need a weight distribution system with spring bars to help combat the problems that pop up with standard hitch systems.

If you choose to add spring bars to your towing setup, you might find that they help apply leverage to both sides of your system. This helps to transfer the load that is pushing down on your vehicle’s rear to all of the axles on your tow vehicle and your trailer.

Once you achieve even distribution, you will notice a the new smooth, level ride, as well as the ability to tow at the maximum capacity of your hitch.

Do you know if you need a weight distribution system?

Your trailer would likely benefit from a weight distribution system if:

  • Your trailer weight (GTW) is more than 50 percent of your vehicle’s weight (GVWR)
  • You notice that the rear of your tow vehicle sags when the trailer is hooked up
  • You notice that your trailer is swaying
  • Your notice that your vehicle’s headlights point upward
  • You find steering and stopping
  • You find that you are regularly towing to the highest capacity allowed by your vehicle’s trailer hitch

For more information about weight distribution and whether or not a weight distribution system would benefit your trailer in Rochester WA, contact Trailer Boss today! We have some of the most knowledgeable technicians in the Pacific Northwest, and they are happy to answer all of your questions!


Show Your Clients You Care With a Customized Trailer

530If you are one of our many customers that use your trailer for a business, arriving at your job with an organized vehicle is of upmost importance. Showing your customers that your are organized and neat, shows them that you care about your business, and more importantly, about your clients.

With customization from Trailer Boss, you can keep your trailer organized and ready for your next big project.

Here are a few things to consider about your customized business trailer:

  • Without organization it takes too long to find the right tools and materials.
  • Missing tools and materials means more trips.
  • You will always work slower if you don’t have the correct tools.
  • Doing work incorrectly/taking shortcuts because you don’t have the necessary tools/equipment costs you time and money.
  • Breaking tools and equipment due to poor care/maintenance can run you out of business.

Come to Trailer Boss for a great customized trailer in Seattle WA. It will save you money in the long run and save you the embarrassment of showing up for a job unprepared! Contact us today!