What You Need To Know About Trailer Safety

trailers in Spokane WAAt Trailer Boss, your safety is our biggest priority! This is why we are dedicated to selling you trailers and equipment that will ensure you have a proper setup.

In an effort to make sure our customers stay safe, this week we are going to go over a few general safety tips for driving with a trailer in Spokane WA:

  • It is always to important to do your research and use the driving gear that the manufacturer recommends for towing
  • Remember to always drive at moderate speeds. This will place less strain on your tow vehicle and trailer and avoid sway
  • Try to avoid sudden stops and starts that can cause skidding, sliding, or jackknifing
  • Make an effort to avoid sudden steering maneuvers that might create sway or undue side force on the trailer
  • Take a moment to slow down when traveling over bumpy roads, railroad crossings, and ditches
  • Take wider turns at curves and corners, because your trailer’s wheels are closer to the inside of a turn than the wheels of your tow vehicle, they are more likely to hit or ride up over curbs
  • Release the accelerator pedal to slow down and keep a firm grip on the steering wheel to control swaying caused by air pressure changes and wind buffeting when larger vehicles pass from either direction

The most important thing you can do to ensure road safety is to be aware of the extra weight and bulk you are hauling, and take the time to adjust to that weight.

If you have any questions about hauling a trailer in Spokane WA, please reach out and contact one of our professionals at Trailer Boss!

Steps to Ruin Your Trailer – Part 2

trailer Seattle WAThis week at Trailer Boss, we are discussing a few ways in which you may be slowy (or quickly) destroying your new trailer in Seattle WA!

By following these steps, you are doing damage to your trailer that may lead to dangerous outcomes! We do not recommend doing the following:

Loading unevenly: You should load your cargo evenly throughout your trailer with about 60 percent of the weight in front on the axle. Weight in the front keeps pressure on the hitch, helping the tow vehicle and trailer to stay connected and maneuvering smoothly. If you want to destroy your utility trailer, stick the heavy stuff on the back.

Ignoring rust spots: The rusty spots on your trailer just keeps others from wanting to steal the vehicle. Also, you like the character the rust gives you vehicle. WRONG. If you spend much time driving through icy roads with salt, your trailer is going to start corroding. Wash you trailer and take care of the rust spots before they spread. Come on in to Trailer Boss and we can address these.

Driving recklessly: The most obvious way to ruin your trailer is to randomly avoid all safety rules. Why would you put yourself and others on the road in danger by abandoning common sense and fly down the road headless of others?

If you notice yourself taking part in some of these activities, you might want to consider having a chat with one of our awesome trailer technicians! Not only can they inspect your trailer in Seattle WA for damage, they can give you real advice that will help you drive safely!

Contact us today to learn more, and remember, safety is always the most important thing!

Steps to Ruin Your Trailer – Part 1

trailer Spokane WAAt Trailer Boss, we are most concerned about your safety! To stay safe, we encourage all of our customers to do their research on staying safe on the road!

Our next concern is that your trailer lasts you many years, so that your investment with us is a sound one! That said, sometimes we hear stories that make us cringe… Stories of people ruining their trailers

For that reason, we have created a list for you. One that you should attempt to not follow!

So, if you are ruining your brand new shiny trailer from trailer boss, these are some things you might be doing:

Overloading your trailer: The quickest way to ruin a trailer is to overlook the weight capacity. Exceeding your vehicle’s weight limits can result in dangerous consequences like tire blowouts, compromised suspensions and even brake and transmission failure.

 Repacking your bearings: Rusty trailer wheel bearings are a big deal. You will eventually end up on the side of the road. Bring you trailer in to Trailer Boss. Our technicians can repack your bearings.

Forgetting to check the pressure in your tires: Here’s another opportunity to break down on the highway! All you have to do to blowout your tires is make sure they are a bit under-inflated. It also helps if they are worn out and if you drive fast. It’s really just that simple.

Our next blog post will continue discussing a few things you may be doing to damage or ruin your trailer in Spokane WA! If you need tips on how to avoid them, contact us ASAP! Our knowledgeable trailer technicians are experts in hauling and can help you make important changes!

Safety First with Tie Downs from Trailer Boss

trailer in Spokane WA
When you are hauling your shiny new trailer in Spokane WA from Trailer Boss, it is important to know that you are responsible for the load.

This is incredibly important when loading and tying down your haul, because anything that blows out or falls off while you are on the road, is your responsibility.

Whether you are aware of items blowing off your trailer or not, it is possible to be cited for littering. Loose items could also cause serious damage, an accident, or even hurt others.

This is why it is very important to double-check your tie-downs, tarps, and ropes every time you hit the road. Making sure that nothing will be bouncing or sliding off while you are driving will keep others safe and give you peace of mind.

When you first start driving the load you are hauling will “settle in” with the vibrations and bumps of the road. If you feel uneasy about what you are hauling, it is always a good idea to stop and double check the load, the tie-downs, and the overall stability of your load after driving a few miles.

If you are hauling a load that is very tall, it might be a good idea to avoid traveling on roads where there are strong cross-winds or gusts.

If you have any questions about safely tying down your load for safe hauling, contact our experienced technicians! They can answer all questions and double check your trailer to make sure that it is ready for the road!

Contact us today to find the perfect utility trailer in Spokane WA today!

Why Choose a Cargo Trailer this Winter

At Trailer Boss, we are proud to offer trailers that are perfect for any type of hauling you need to do!

If you are looking for a great trailer that can handle any job, consider a cargo trailer in Seattle WA!

Not only are they great for hauling large loads, they offer the following benefits to their owners:

  • They protect your equipment and loads from the elements
  • They can be customized to fit all of your needs, from advertising on the outside, to built-ins for your equipment on the inside
  • They can double as storage in the winter months
  • They offer peace of mind by allowing you to haul loads without worrying about things flying off
  • They are great for business owners who want to keep the mess away from the prying eyes of customers

These are just a few benefits of owning an awesome cargo trailer!

Here is a great trailer for safely hauling almost anything:

Cargo Trailer Seattle WAThis is our Pace Cargo Sport! It comes in 7K, 10K or with even heavier axles and one of our nicest built trailers!

It offers:

  • Standard features – 1-piece roof
  • Front corner wraps
  • Screwless exterior
  • 3-year warranty
  • Undercoated
  • Radial tires
  • Drop axles
  • White interior – walls & floor
  • Roof vent.

If a cargo trailer in Seattle WA is not what you are looking for, we have everything from dump trailers and utility trailers, to teardrop and motorcycle trailers!  We even rent trailers out for those customers who haul infrequently.

Contact us today to learn more about our inventory!

Our Dump Trailers Will Make You Fall in Love

If you regularly perform medium to large hauling jobs, you will likely LOVE owning your own dump trailer in Spokane WA. They are so versatile and make life  much easier for all of your projects.

Whether you are hauling dirt, debris, or equipment from your personal property or to a job site, you will probably find yourself working more efficiently.

As we leave summer far behind, your trusted professionals at Trailer Boss would like for you to FALL in love (pun intended) with one of our awesome dump trailers.

576Here is our amazing Maxey D8 dump trailer, it features:

  • 14’/14K standard Maxey dump.
  • 12″ O/C floor cross members
  • 24″ high walls
  • Scissor lift
  • 83″ wide bed
  • Load ramps
  • Barn doors + spreader gate
  • Spare mount
  • Side step
  • 10K front spring-loaded jack
  • Battery charger
  • Power up/power down
  • Stake pockets & D-rings.
  • Comes standard with a tarp kit.
  • Also has double 6″ channel frame and full LED lighting!

564 (1)If that dump trailer isn’t perfect for your needs, here is another one by Maxey (D8-36)

  • 83″x12’/14K dump
  • Custom 36″ walls
  • Tarp kit with front guard
  • Upgraded 14-ply tires!

These trailers are just two of the options we offer at Trailer Boss!  Come see for yourself if you are in the market to make life a bit easier, our dump trailers in Spokane WA simply can’t be beat!

Contact us today if you have any questions about our inventory or financing.

Your Tear Drop Trailer Can Be Your Home Away From Home

When people think of a tear drop trailer in Olympia WA, they usually think of all of the fun outdoor activites they can use them for during the warm summer months.  At Trailer Boss, we want to change that!

We want to remind you of an especially important use for a teardrop trailer!  Instead of camping in the cold fall weather while you venture out hunting, consider bringing one of these nifty “home away from home’s” along with you!

In one of our tear drop trailers, you can have all of the comforts of home, meaning you can spend your entire weekend reaching all of your hunting goals!  You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars each night in a hotel or cabin, or feeze your tail off in a tent and head home with it in between your legs!

Even if you aren’t a hunter, you can still find a great use for a teardrop trailer!  Fall usually comes to the PacificNorthwest and brings about the wonderful change in the colors, leaving a beautiful pallet for your next adventure! You can embrace the season in style in your own cozy space!

Click here to see all of our teardrop trailers, feel free to contact us with any questions!


Protect Your Haul with the Perfect Trailer

Summer has been gone for a while and we are guessing that  you have probably felt it as you head out in the chilly morning air!

trailer in Marysville WAIt’s getting colder outside and the morning fog is increasing.  Before we know it there will be leaves and water on the road.  This standing water can lead to a slick commute!

Here in the Pacific Norwest,  it is only a matter of time before we start seeing more jackets and less sandals!

Just like your jacket protects you from being cold, your trailer in Marysville WA protects your belongings!  For this reason, it is important to invest in a trailer that is as tough as you are!

Whatever you need. . . a tilt trailer. . .
. . . a tilt trailer. . .or…..

Whether you need a tilt trailer to help you unload equipment without hauling out a bunch of bulky ramps….




. . . a dump trailer . . .
. . . a dump trailer . . .or….
cargo pace
. . . a cargo trailer.

A dump trailer for  will streamlining the unloading process while providing a heavy duty platform for your biggest hauling jobs….



a cargo trailer to protect your belongings from the moiture and cold of the season…

Trailer Boss has the perfect trailer in Marysville WA for all of your unique needs!

Contact us today or visit one of our 3 awesome locations!

Avoid a Pushy Sales Experience and Come to Trailer Boss

trailer Seattle WAIf you are like many other people, you avoid buying a trailer in Seattle WA because you want to avoid the hassle of a pushy salesman.

I mean, who wants to be forced into a purchase that they don’t want? Sometimes these sales associates even try to get you to buy something that is outside of your needs and budget, which leads to buyers remorse!

At Trailer Boss, we don’t like to see this happen! This is why we dedicate our business to making sure that every customer leaves as happy as possible, whether they buy a trailer from us or not!

When you walk into any of our three locations, you will find friendly and compassionate salesman who will take the time to get to know you, your needs, and your lifestyle before suggesting a trailer! We understand that you are not coming into our place of business to feel pushed or forced, so instead we take the time to educate you about the trailers that will work for your unique situation!

We steer clear of a high-pressure sales environment because we believe in our product and our people. We are passionate about offering high-quality trailers in Seattle WA at stellar prices.

So the next time you are looking for a great new trailer, skip the pressure, and head into Trailer Boss!

Click here to contact us today, and we can work together to make sure you are as happy as can be with your new trailer!

Insider Tips to Hooking Up Your Trailer

This week we are discussing the importance of properly and safely hooking up your trailer in Marysville WA.  Even though much of this is second nature once you have been doing it for a while, we wanted to cover the topic for any of our new haulers.

Once you have everything installed and ready to go, you will need to do something that many of our haulers find difficult at first.  That is safely and accurately back up your vehicle to the trailer.

If you are new to this task, we have outlined a few steps to help you master it.

Using a Spotter:

Backing up to your trailer with a spotter is best done with someone who is careful and observant. You will need someone who can clearly communicate, both verbally and with hand motions.  Here are a steps for backing up your trailer with a spotter:

  1. Establish signals that are clear and easy to understand before starting. It is important to avoid using confusing signals and it is better to have signals to direct where the rear of your vehicle should go
  2. Have the spotter should stand near the trailer tongue on the driver’s side. This will help them to communicate better and give them the best view of the process
  3. Always remember to back up slowly and cautiously to avoid any accidents

If backing up with a spotter is not an option, follow these steps:

  1. Invest in a bright stick mounted to a magnet can help you keep track of where the trailer coupler is and see when the magnet is clinging to the trailer coupler through your back window
  2. Place piece of tape on the center of your rear window to remind you where your hitch is. Using the tape and stick together will make it easier to keep the coupler and ball mount in line
  3. Make sure the trailer jack is cranked up enough so you don’t hit the coupler with the tow ball
  4. If you can’t tell how close you are, there is nothing wrong with getting out to check the amount of distance you have left
  5. Keep the driver’s side door open and look at the ground to gauge the amount of distance while making the final adjustments
  6. Take your time and be cautious

These tips should help you hook up your trailer to your hitch safely and securely. At Trailer Boss, we always recommend doing your research for more guidance, but we are always here to help.

Once you’ve complete these steps, you are now ready to start hauling your trailer in Marysville WA!  Contact us today to find out more about trailer safety!  Our main goal is to keep you safe on the road.