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If you’ve got a lot of blackberries cluttering up your property, you could hire a goat wrangler. Goats have a four-chambered stomach and an insatiable desire to chomp on anything even resembling a plant. So if you had a bunch of these domesticated species in your back yard, they’d clean up those noxious weeds that often reach out and grab you as you’re walking by.

If you don’t want goats, maybe you should get a utility trailer and haul your yard debris away yourself.  Anyone who has worked with goats and worked with trailers knows that trailers are more obedient.

At Trailer Boss we have some of the most affordable utility trailers that are much more useful and versatile than a herd of goats.

When you see our Utility Trailers at our dealers in Everett, Olympia or Rochester you will find:

  • Solid sides
  • Treated Deck
  • 3,000 lbs GVWR
  • 3500 lb. axle with EX lube hubs
  • Amazing fit and finish
  • Removable heavy-duty rear gate
  • Full Manufacture’s Warranty

Today we are featuring one of our larger utility trailers. It would take a lot of goats to eat the foliage that would fit in this.

6X12 Olympic LS35612R

This 6 X 12 Utility Trailer built by Olympic is one of the nicest on the market.

This new landscape trailer features:

  • Removable rear ramp gate
  • 3500 lb axle
  • EZ service hubs
  • 15” tires
  • Fully sealed wood deck
  • 24” heavy duty corrugated sides
  • 2” coupler
  • Extreme heavy duty rear ramp gate (removable & lockable(
  • Full 1 year warranty.

The “fit and finish” on this unit is without question the nicest of any trailer in this market. You really need to see this trailer before you buy any other.

Get the best bang for your buck. Visit one of our three Trailer Boss sites for the best utility trailers as well as, cargo trailers, dump trailers, landscape trailersteardrop, tilt trailers, tow dollies as well as service and repairs.

Vancouver, BC customers come find us. Portland, Oregon buyers find our prices worth the drive.

See you soon.

Trailer Boss in Olympia–360-923-2135

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Dump Trailers in Seattle or Trailer Rentals

Trailers, like other vehicles, require regular scheduled maintenance to work well. You need the services of a trailer mechanic to determine the nature of any problem and develop a plan of action. This can include replacing worn or damaged components, changing fluids or making structural repairs. Trailers are often subject to harsh wear on the road. Trailer Boss in Olympia, Rochester and Everett have certified and experienced mechanics who are always there to help you find  the problem or alleviate any concerns you might have with your dump trailer, cargo trailerutility trailer or any other trailer you are currently using.

Today Trailer Boss is featuring dump trailers. Some of the features available are:

  • Custom white spoke wheels
  • Stake pockets and tie rails
  • Safety prop rod bed support
  • Easy access lockable hydraulic box
  • Deep  cycle marine batter prewired for charging
  • 12V maintenance charger
  • EZ lube hubs
  • 3” channel cross members approximately 16” o.c.
  • Electric brakes all axles
  • D.O.T. approved lighting with L.E.D. taillights
  • 7-way RV plug

Trailer Boss has a wide range of trailers with heavy duty hydraulic lifting mechanisms. Any of them can be used to haul and then dump heavy loads of construction debris, roofing materials, or landscaping materials. Come in to one of our three locations and see our variety of sizes. They are available as single axle or tandem axle in many different configurations. We have either bumper pull or gooseneck.

There’s one that is right for you. We have financing that can make the payments right for you, also.

A 7X16 21K Dump Trailer built by Walton

Today we are featuring one  of Trailer Boss’ larger trailers- a new triple axel 21K dump trailer

It is built by Walton. The model is BD2116 and is 7 X 16 21K.

Features include

  • 38” Sides/Rear Split Gate
  • 10 Gauge Floor and Walls
  • Black Powder Coated Finish
  • 8” Box Tube Frame
  • 5” Channel Subframe
  • Trip Box Tube Tongue
  • 38” Sides
  • D-Ring in Bed Ramps
  • Radial Tires on Silver Wheels
  • Spare Mount Locking Tongue Box  with mount for 110-V Charger
  • HD Spring-Loaded Drop Leg Jack
  • Adjustable 2 5/16 Bolt-on Couple

For this or any other trailer contact Trailer Boss at one of the following numbers:

Olympia          (360) 923-2135

Rochester        (360) 273-7892

Everett            (425) 903-4985

Utility & Cargo Trailers in Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Rochester

The East coast is getting snow. In the Northwest, however, we’ve had some rain-free days. Anytime the clouds part and the sun shines, landscapers hook onto trailers and start trimming bushes and beating back the blackberries.  Some of these landscapers are zipping around in some easy to pull landscape trailers.

Trailer Boss has got a variety of low maintenance, easy to tow, landscape trailers. If you need a customized trailer for your landscaping business, or if you want to haul debris and branches from your own yard, now is the time to see the friendly folks at Trailer Boss.

There are three locations with financing available. Come down now. Or call:

Olympia (360) 923-2135

Rochester (360) 273-7892

Everett (425) 903-4985

Today’s featured trailer at Trailer Boss is a wonderfully versatile utility or landscape trailer with high sides and a rear ramp. It’s small enough to be practical, but well-built enough to handle what you need.

Manufactured by Carry-On an American-owned and American-built Company.

A wonderful utility and landscape trailer with high sides and ram. Trailer Boss has got the trailer you need.

The 5X10 Model SSGHS has the following features:

  • 3500# Dexter axle
  • 15″ tires
  • Nearly 3′ to the top of the top rail
  • Cross-braced reinforced tongue
  • Wiring in conduit
  • 2″ ball w/ 4-flat connector
  • 2000# front tongue jack
  • Rear ramp – folds down to load AND forward inside the bed





Trailers Sales in Tacoma, Seattle or Portland–All Types

It has never been easier or safer to haul trucks or heavy equipment.  At Trailer Boss in our three stores —Rochester, Everett and Olympia— we get you on the road both safely and efficiently with the best trailers on the market and the best service in the business. No matter what kind of vehicle or piece of heavy equipment you need to move around, Trailer Boss has a custom trailer for you to move it.

While moving heavy loads there are some safety measures to consider:

  • Check your tire pressure. Trailer tires are different from car tires. Be sure to check the tire sidewall for correct tire pressure.
  • Check your tire tread. An easy way to do this is using the “penny test.”  Insert a penny into the tread. The tread should touch the top of Abe Lincoln’s head.
  • Check the lights. While you stand behind the vehicle, have someone push on the brake pedal and turn the signal lights on.
  • Use tie downs. Make sure you always secure your load.
  • Use safety chains correctly. Cross the chains below the tongue.
  • Do not put too much weight on your trailer. Make sure you know the weight rating on your trailer and do not exceed the maximum weight.
  • Grease your bearings. Check your owner’s manual.

Today’s featured trailer is the  Splitdeck Tilt Equipment Trailer

A great trailer for hauling–the Olympic 20 ft, splitdeck tilt equipment trailer at Trailer Boss.

This trailer is made by Olympic.  Model number is OM14-2E.

Consider the following features:

  • 10K Spring-loaded
  • Jack Adjustable Coupler
  • 16″ Radials Oil Bath Hubs
  • Twin Torsion Axles with Brakes
  • Heavy Duty Box
  • Tube Framing throughout the entire trailer
  • 16″ Tilt Deck with Knife Edge Approach Plate
  • 4ft Stationary front deck for your bucket or other implements
  • The Trailer weighs 3100#; payload is 10,900#
  • 20 foot

If you have any questions regarding these procedures, the safe operation of your trailer or if you need parts, come in to one of the Trailer Boss stores.

Trailers to Buy and Rent Everett & Bellingham, WA

As you travel down the road, your motorcycle, ATV or tools should have protection.  You need a cargo trailer from Trailer Boss in Olympia, Rochester or Everett.   There are many trailers on the road right now. Some are better than others. You need a trailer that works and plays as hard as you do.

One trailer we are featuring today is the model that makes hauling and traveling easier.  You will not be disappointed with the new 5X8 Mirage MXL508SA.

Whether for business or personal use, this little cargo trailer from Trailer Boss won’t disappoint.

This 5X8 model travels easily down the road conserving your gas mileage.


  • 5 x 8
  • double rear cargo doors
  • 3,500 lb axle with lube hubs
  • ¾ “ Plywood floors
  • 3/8” plywood walls
  • 2K Tongues Jack
  • Tube steel roof bows and sidewalls
  • Double swinging rear doors
  • L.E.D. Corner Post Tail lights
  • 12v interior dome light with wall switch
  • Welded safety chains
  • Extruded aluminum roof wraps
  • 14” bias tires on white wheels
  • 24” ATP Stone guard galvanized roof
  • Mill finished aluminum front corners

Come in to Trailer Boss today for great service and the best possible buys and selections. Three locations to best serve you.

Call or stop by today:

Trailer Boss in Olympia–360-923-2135

Trailer Boss in Rochester–360-273-7901

Trailer Boss in Everett–425-903-4985


Trailer Sales Portland & Seattle

Hotel rates are forever rising. And, of course, they are the highest at the places you want to see. On the average, a hotel night can cost anywhere from $50 to as much as $500 a night. The best geographical locations during the travel season are, of course, the highest. When you get to the hotel, you’re never sure exactly what you are getting. (Maybe bedbugs, but let’s not talk about that.)

Travelers, who want comfort as well as freedom, choose to pull the Backpacker by Three Feathers Manufacturing.  Your Trailer Boss in Olympia, Rochester or Everett can show you wonderfully modern and convenient get-away trailers.

These Teardrop Trailers have the amenities and cleanliness of home in an easy-to-tow, affordable package. You would be crazy not to stop by and at least step inside this perfect camp trailer.

There is plenty of room to relax and have a sandwich in the 32.9 square foot interior.

Trailer Boss has financing for your new trailer. We also have the experience to find you the exact match for your next vacation.  Come into one of our three locations or call:

Olympia          (360) 923-2135

Rochester        (360) 273-7892

Everett            (425) 903-4985

See what the Backpacker has to offer:

Get away in comfort with a trailer from Trail Boss.


  • Trailer Weight: 1100 lbs
  • Bumper to Hitch Length: 11’ 6”
  • Hitch Weight: approx 135 lbs
  • 2“ Ball Hitch
  • 2000 lb.Axles
  • ST205/75R14 Radial Tires
  • White Rims
  • Diamond Plate Fenders
  • Aluminum Skin
  • Metal Roof
  • 12-volt Battery Ready
  • Insulated Walls & Ceiling
  • ¾” Plywood Flooring
  • LED Tail Lights
  • Porch Light
  • Detachable Table
  • Complete Underbelly


  • Sleeping Area-6’7” L x 59” W
  • Overhead Cabinet
  • Roof Vent
  • 110-vold GFI Outlets (2each)
  • 12-volt Outlet
  • 12-vold Lights (2 each)
  • Large Entry Door with Window
  • Upgrade-Linoleum Flooring
  • Large Escape Window

Rear Galley

  • Stainless Steel Sink with Hand Pump
  • Sandwich Table on Rear Door
  • Drawers (2 each)
  • Spice/Towel Rack on Rear Door
  • GFI Outlet


  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Carpet Flooring
  • Front Storage Box
  • High-output Fantastic Fan
  • Roof Rack
  • Roof Vent with Fan
  • Receiver Hitch in Rear
  • Second Entry Door
  • Spare Tire

Come on in to Trailer Boss and we’ll customize any trailer you need.


Utility Trailers in Seattle or a Dump Trailer in Spokane

You’re Different. You Probably Need a Different Trailer.

You are going to use your trailer differently than your neighbor. That is why there are so many distinctive designs and features. So rather than look at a friend’s trailer and buy a similar one, consider your unique needs.  Purchasing too much trailer for the job adds unnecessary cost. Purchasing too little trailer for the job can be dangerous on the road and will probably result in the trailer not holding up.

Consider the following before investing in a trailer:

  • Decide how much weight you are going to be hauling. If you need your trailer for a tractor, find the accurate weight of the tractor. Remember to allow for implements you will haul with the equipment.
  • Decide the length and width of your load. Are you hauling wood? Maybe you want hay. Then allow a few extra inches.
  • Consider the vehicle you will be using to tow your trailer. Check the owner’s manual for the towing capacity.

Trailer Boss will have the right trailer for you. We have three stores and hundreds of trailers and a knowledgeable staff dedicated to matching you with the best equipment.

Call or stop by today:

Trailer Boss in Olympia–360-923-2135

Trailer Boss in Rochester–360-273-7901

Trailer Boss in Everett–425-903-4985


Trailers and Trailer Repair in Spokane Area

If you love the great Northwest outdoors, you need a trailer.
If you love the great Northwest outdoors, you need a trailer.

Hobbies that get you out of the office and out of the house usually require a quality trailer.

If you love the great Northwest outdoors, you’ve got to have a trailer. Because, of course, you can’t really ride your ATV through the streets of town on your way to the mountains.

As an outdoor enthusiast you need:

  • The best trailer
  • The best price
  • Easy storage
  • Easy  hook up
  • Easy towing
  • Customer service

You can get all of this and more at one of the three Trailer Boss locations—Olympia, Rochester and Everett, Washington.

Whether it’s motorcycling, auto racing, motocross, trail riding, vehicle restoration, traveling, mud bogging, rock climbing, hunting, hiking, camping, or ATVs. Whatever it is Trailer Boss has a trailer that will get you and your equipment where you want to go. Our staff is competent and professional. They will listen to you and help determine exactly what you need.  They’re a professional group, but they also like their recreational time. And they often use a trailer for fun.

We can make your weekends easier whether you’re playing or cleaning up around the yard; let us help you get the perfect trailer for the occasion.

Call or stop by today:

Olympia–7821 Martin Way E., Olympia, WA  98516  Call 360-923-2134

Rochester–5732 Ivan Way SW, Rochester, WA   98579   Call 360-273-7901

Everett–12715 Highway 99, Everett, WA   98204  Call 425-903-4985

Trailer Repair Rochester WA

Buying a trailer can be a big investment.  So we know you take care of that investment as best you can (at least we hope you do!).

But sometimes even when we take the best care possible of our trailers, they still end up needing repair for one reason or another.

If you need trailer repair and you live in or around Rochester WA, then you should really bring your trailer in to Trailer Boss.  We are a full service repair facility with mechanics on staff.

No matter what kind of trailer repair you need, Trailer Boss can get it done for you.

Call today (360) 273-7892 or stop in to our Rochester WA location in person.