Pre-Trip Prep For Your Next Hauling Adventure

609If you own a trailer in Spokane WA, you already know that the first part of safe trailering is the pre-trip preparation!

Today we will be discussing some preventative maintenance that you can take to help stop anything bad from happening while you are away from home.

  • Before your trip, and several times this spring and summer, remove all of the lug nuts and coat the wheel studs with Never-Seez. By soaking them in penetrating oil like Blaster PB50 will make getting them off much faster and easier in the future. It may sound like busy-work, but it’s much better to do this in the driveway than be stuck roadside with lug nuts you can’t get off
  • While you’re working around the tires, check the air pressure in all your tires, including the spare. Also, take the time to check the tires on the tow vehicle
  • A quick walk around your trailer will allow you to check the lights
  • If you plan to trailer at night, make sure to grab a few strips of DOT tape. This is a reflective tape that will give you some added safety until you can get somewhere to fix the problem
  • Check to make sure you have attached your safety chains
  • Make sure you have a spare key tucked away somewhere safe
  • Last, but very important, make sure your rig is balanced

This pre-trip list might seem like a lot of extra work, but it is well worth the effort! Once you are on the road, you will be glad that you are prepared for whatever comes your way!

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