Safety First with Tie Downs from Trailer Boss

trailer in Spokane WA
When you are hauling your shiny new trailer in Spokane WA from Trailer Boss, it is important to know that you are responsible for the load.

This is incredibly important when loading and tying down your haul, because anything that blows out or falls off while you are on the road, is your responsibility.

Whether you are aware of items blowing off your trailer or not, it is possible to be cited for littering. Loose items could also cause serious damage, an accident, or even hurt others.

This is why it is very important to double-check your tie-downs, tarps, and ropes every time you hit the road. Making sure that nothing will be bouncing or sliding off while you are driving will keep others safe and give you peace of mind.

When you first start driving the load you are hauling will “settle in” with the vibrations and bumps of the road. If you feel uneasy about what you are hauling, it is always a good idea to stop and double check the load, the tie-downs, and the overall stability of your load after driving a few miles.

If you are hauling a load that is very tall, it might be a good idea to avoid traveling on roads where there are strong cross-winds or gusts.

If you have any questions about safely tying down your load for safe hauling, contact our experienced technicians! They can answer all questions and double check your trailer to make sure that it is ready for the road!

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