Steps to Take Upon Returning Home with Your Trailer

gloves-1192164_960_720Upon returning from a trailer-hauling trip, you are likely ready to put your boots up and call it a day. You probably worked very hard to prepare for the trip and getting your trailer in Spokane WA for the road.

Before you start dreaming about your next adventure, you will want to properly clean and store your trailer. Doing so will make sure that your next big trip is a success too!

Here are a few tips for helping you get your trailer ready after a long trailer hauling trip.

  1. Unload your trailer and secure items: Unload any animals, equipment, and supplies. Any items left on the trailer should be safely stored or secured. If you are leaving any items, they should be safely stored.
  2. Check the floors: You can raise the nose of your trailer, remove the mats, and thoroughly wash it with soap and water. Next, allow the area dry and then re-install the mats. If you have aluminum floors, make sure to wash the floors frequently to remove any urine, as it is corrosive to aluminum.
  3. Drain and flush holding tank and water lines: The water holding tank and water lines should be drained and flushed. Prior to leaving on your next trip, add fresh water, this should prevent that rotten egg smell.

These are just a few precautions you can take upon returning home from a big trailer trip!   For more suggestions about your trailer in Spokane WA, contact us at Trailer Boss today!