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8 Necessary Steps For Your Spring Assessment

Spring is here, and if you have horses, now is probably about the time that you will start thinking about getting your horses off of the farm and on their way to competitions or recreational riding events.
If you are like many of our customers and like to haul your horses yourself, the perfect horse trailer in Seattle WA can get you where you need to be in style. Trailer Boss has a variety of horse trailers that will fit all of your needs, whether you are hauling 1 horse or many.

Once you have the perfect trailer picked out, it is always a good idea to perform a annual spring assessment to make sure that your trailer can keep both you and your horse safe on the road.

Below are a few steps for performing this assessment on your own:

  1. Check the tire pressure as well as the surface of each tire for nails, wear spots, and other issues that might lead to a dangerous blowout while you are on the road. As you inspect the tires, it is always a good idea to check your spare tires for the same things to be safe.
  2. While you are checking your tires, you also may want to check out the wheel bearings to ensure that they are greased.
  3. Check that the lug nuts are all in place and tight (but not too tight), so that if you experience a flat tire, you will be able to take them off without too much trouble.
  4. Check all of the lights, from the tail-lights and headlights, to the directionals. This is the case for both your trailer and the hauling vehicle. Double checking them will help you avoid an accident while hauling. To check your lights, have someone stand in front and behind the trailer and the towing vehicle and test them all. If they are fully functional, they will light up when you test them.
  5. Also make sure to check the connections between your vehicle and your trailer prior to every haul to make sure that the brake lights and turn signals are functioning properly.
  6. It is also a good idea to do a full check of your braking system. Anytime your tow vehicle and trailer has been sitting for a while, you will want to take it out for a drive and test the breaks. Make sure that your trailer and vehicle break together as one unit without any jerking, sluggishness, or unevenness.
  7. If you don’t use your horse trailer on a regular basis, you may want to check for nests and hives before loading your horses.
  8. Lastly, check all of the locks and latches on your trailer to ensure they are oiled and secured.

By taking the time to check all of these factors on your horse trailer in Seattle WA, you can easily avoid looming hazards or delays. The main goal is to make your trip as calm as possible for both you and your horse.

Contact Trailer Boss today for help with your horse trailer if you have any questions about preparing for your next big haul.