The Benefits of Owning a Teardrop Trailer

397This week we are discussing some of the important benefits of owning a teardrop trailer in Rochester WA! Their compact and functional nature offers owners the ability to get away comfortably and easily!

If you are considering a teardrop trailer, you should know that most models of this type of camping trailer were intentionally constructed to be compact and easy to use.

Here are just a few reasons to own a teardrop trailer:

  • The body does not typically rise higher than five feet
  • The length is usually no more than ten feet
  • Since the teardrop trailer is small and light, almost any car or truck can tow it
  • You will experience no bit impact on the average gasoline mileage used while towing it
  • Traditional design allows room for two sleeping bunkers as well as a room for storing clothing, camping gear and other dry goods
  • A tiny kitchenette area is located on the exterior of the trailer, concealed under a hatch
  • They often are equipped with water and power hookups
  • They are compact and easy to store when not in use
  • They are easy to maintain and last for many years

Teardrop trailers were extremely popular from 1930-1965, but as larger camper models with more amenities became affordable, production of the teardrop trailer dropped significantly.

These days however, the teardrop trailer is returning to its original glory. As in times past, the teardrop trailer is an affordable and relatively inexpensive way to enjoy camping and different types of road trips.

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