What to Consider When Buying a New Tow Vehicle – Part 2

tow vehicle for Trailer Spokane WA

This week we are discussing some of the important factors that go into making the all important “towing vehicle” purchase!

Choosing your trailer in Spokane WA first is one of the most important tips we can offer, because it will help you know determine what qualities your tow vehicle needs to have to safely haul!

Once, you know the trailer you will be hauling, then you want to find out the weight of the trailer will be when it is fully loaded.  Once  you know what the weight of the trailer fully loaded is, you can begin shopping.

 Here are 3 more things to consider about your new tow vehicle:

  1. Drive System

When you purchase a new tow vehicle, you may want to consider the drive system.  Having a tow vehicle that has rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive is important to have when choosing a tow vehicle.

  • A vehicle that has the option for a rear-wheel drive so that the engine’s power is directed to the axle that is bearing the most weight
  • With a front-wheel drive vehicle, you have more of a chance to lose control of the rear of the vehicle
  • Four wheel drive will help haul that extra weight through varying types of weather
  1. Transmission

People all have their own opinion as to which type of transmission is best for hauling a trailer, automatic or manual transmission.

  • Some people think that manual transmission could be more distracting when shifting, while others prefer it
  • Others believe that automatic can give you more time to focus on driving and your safety

The bottom line… Choose a transmission that you feel more confident with.

  1. Tow Package

Many people are not aware that there is more to a tow package than just the ball hitch on the back? A vehicle that comes with a tow package may have better suspension, brakes, bigger radiator, and transmission that allows more power to be sent to the drive wheels. These factors create a more powerful vehicle capable of towing a heavy load.

There is a lot of information to consider when shopping for the right tow vehicle that will keep you both safe and in control while on the road. Here at Trailer Boss, we are dedicated to help you accomplish both, so contact us today if you need help finding a tow vehicle or trailer in Spokane WA!