What to Consider When Buying a New Tow Vehicle – Part 1

Towing Vehicle for Trailer Seattle WAAre you considering buying a new trailer, or do you already own a great one? If you do, it is important that your towing vehicle is capable of hauling your beast of a trailer in Seattle WA!  This week we will be discussing many of the important features to consider as you search for your next tow vehicle.

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Before you even start shopping for the right tow vehicle, you should already be aware of the trailer that you will be hauling.   This may seem backwards, but there are so many different types and sizes of trailers out there to choose from. If you buy the vehicle first, you may be limiting yourself to a smaller trailer. Below are 3 very important factors to consider when buying a new tow vehicle:

  1. Tow Capacity

This is what the manufacturer puts as the maximum weight your new vehicle can tow. Check out the tow capacity of the vehicle to ensure that it is able to handle the weight.

  1. Curb Weight

This is the weight when the fuel tank is full, without passengers or cargo. Fuel efficiency is always important, so many vehicles are being built lighter to help you save money while hauling!

  1. Wheelbase

This is the distance from the front of the axle to the rear axle of the tow vehicle. This number is very important to the control and stability of the vehicle. When you have a longer wheelbase on your tow vehicle, you have less of a chance of the trailer weighing down the rear axle and lifting the front axle.

Our next blog post will discuss a few more important factors to consider when buying a new towing vehicle!  You can always contact our professional trailer experts at Trailer Boss to learn more about finding the perfect tow vehicle for hauling a trailer in Seattle WA!